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Abortion Information

Planning to abort a pregnancy? Interested in abortion advice or abortion information? Before scheduling a procedure, it is wise to invest in researching your options. We’re glad you’re here to gather further abortion information for yourself. Call, chat, text or email now for personalized care in Chicagoland.

Abortion options vary based on the age of the pregnancy. There are two main types of abortion: medication abortion and surgical abortion. The abortion pill, or medication abortion, can be taken early in pregnancy. Surgical procedures are performed through the middle of the second trimester.

Legal restrictions on abortion vary from state to state. For women under 18, Illinois law requires that a parent or guardian be notified of the abortion. In general, Illinois is considered to be less restrictive than many neighboring states. All women should feel safe and informed as they make decisions for their pregnancies.

It’s important to note that abortion risks and possible complications are involved as a pregnancy ages. A pregnancy consultation discussing abortion and abortion alternatives can provide you with more information regarding potential risks and after effects. Avenue Women’s Center provides private consultations at no cost.

Many women choose to confirm their pregnancy through a free test at Avenue Women’s Center and, if needed, check the viability and age of the pregnancy through limited medical ultrasound. To learn more about Avenue services that may help you, please contact our caring staff today. As you gather abortion information, we are here to meet your needs.

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