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Pregnancy Help Center Services

Care that meets your needs.

Avenue Women’s Center provides free and confidential services for women facing an unplanned pregnancy. The services we offer are your first steps when you think or find out that you may be pregnant.

Free Pregnancy Tests

Free pregnancy tests are a main service provided by Avenue Women’s Center. We believe all women deserve access to accurate test results in a supportive environment. Any time you are concerned about a possible pregnancy, we invite you to come in to one of our five Chicagoland locations.

Free Pregnancy Help and Consultations

Once you’ve confirmed that you are pregnant, you face a unique decision. Our caring staff members are here to answer all your questions about pregnancy and your options.

Abortion Information

Planning to abort a pregnancy? Interested in abortion advice or abortion information? Before scheduling a procedure, it is wise to invest in researching your options. We’re glad you’re here to gather further abortion information for yourself.

Limited Medical Services

It’s important for you to know if this pregnancy is likely to continue, or might miscarry. You may need to know how many weeks into your pregnancy you are. The medical professionals of Avenue Women’s Center are known for their caring, nonjudgmental expertise. They are here to help you find the answers you need.


Your needs may extend beyond your pregnancy. To help meet those needs, Avenue Women’s Center maintains an extensive network of safe referrals throughout DuPage County to help you with medical care, financial aid, counseling, and more.

Abortion Recovery

Some women experience negative emotional effects after an abortion. The symptoms and their intensity vary but may include depression, anger, anxiety, and grief. Some women may only feel sad for a short time. Others experience after-abortion symptoms for a longer period.

Teen Pregnancy Consultation

If you or a friend are facing an unsought pregnancy, a teen pregnancy consultation can help. Avenue Women’s Center specializes in information on early pregnancy for teenagers. We know that everyone’s situation is unique, and we offer customized services to meet your needs. Read on to learn more.

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