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Am I Pregnant?

Maybe your birth control failed. Maybe your period is late, or you think you may be experiencing pregnancy symptoms. You don’t have to wonder — contact Avenue Women’s Center about a free, confidential pregnancy test appointment today.

Considering Abortion?

There are many reasons that women plan on terminating and begin seeking abortion information. Maybe it’s not the right time. He walked out. You have a year left in your educational program. You never wanted kids. Whatever the reason, Avenue Women’s Center offers a private, objective clinic to discuss abortion information with our nonjudgmental staff members. You can receive complete information on the age and viability of your pregnancy through ultrasound. While you make your best decision, we care for you with information about abortion and abortion alternatives. Contact us today for a free consultation.

For Men

People say it’s “her choice,” but you feel like it’s your problem too.

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