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¿Esta considerando el aborto? : Respuestas a sus preguntas sobre el aborto

¿Cuáles son las leyes sobre el aborto?

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Avenue Women’s Center offers women the chance to receive accurate information about abortion during private appointments that are focused solely on decision-making support.  Many women are interested in information about abortion laws, such as the questions here.

How far along can I get an abortion in Illinois?

In Illinois abortion is legal at all stages of pregnancy. However, most outpatient clinics offer abortion up to around 20 weeks. The majority of abortions in Illinois take place before 12 weeks of pregnancy. Read more about how late abortions are performed in Illinois.

Can I get an abortion if I am a minor?

Illinois law requires parental notification for minors before having an abortion.

What is parental notification?

Parental notification typically means that a parent or guardian must be informed about an abortion in advance if you are under 18. The state defines “adult family member” as a person over 21 years of age who is the parent, grandparent, step-parent living in the household or legal

Is that different from parental consent?

Yes. A parental consent law requires the parent or guardian to give permission for the minor undergoing the abortion procedure.

How does notification work?

In most cases, as required by law, the physician or referring physician will give constructive notice by certified mail 48 hours prior to the abortion. The clinic may also give you a form to take home to be signed. Before starting that procedure with an abortion clinic, any woman is welcome to come to Avenue Women’s Center for a private consultation.  Our professional staff would welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique family situation and help you establish your best personal plan for informing your family of your pregnancy and plans.  To learn more about this option, please contact us.

Is there a waiting period for abortion?

No, unless you are a minor notifying your family by mail. In this case, an Illinois abortion clinic must mail the notification 48 hours in advance of your abortion. If you are considering an abortion, we hope you will utilize this 48 hour waiting period to visit an Avenue Women’s Center location near you.  We are here to provide you with a supportive environment as you process the information and many changes you are facing.

If I am a minor, can I receive other services related to my pregnancy?

  • Pregnancy Tests and Consultations: At Avenue, we are committed to confidentially serving clients of all ages. If you are concerned about an unexpected pregnancy, please call or text us today. Regardless of the pregnancy decision you choose, we are here to provide all women with supportive decision-making services.  
  • Adoption: In the state of Illinois, any minor above the age of 14 may consent to form an adoption plan for their child. Read more about adoption.

If you’d like more information in regards to your pregnancy decision or available services, please contact us. Avenue Women's Center is the first step for women who are facing unexpected pregnancy.