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Considering Abortion? : Abortion Questions Answered

Risks of Abortion

As you’re looking into your options for the pregnancy, you’ll want to gather information about the surgical and medication abortion procedures. Many women worry about the safety of abortion procedures and whether it will hurt. The risks of having an abortion vary depending on the type of abortion procedure as well as how far the pregnancy has progressed, and should be discussed with a doctor. Abortion is considered a “low-risk” procedure, but there are always risks when having surgery or taking medicine. Your health care provider should inform you of the risks and side effects of these procedures.

You may be wondering if abortion will hurt. Most women report some level of pain or discomfort from both the surgical and medication options. Surgical abortion allows a woman and her doctor to choose some type of pain management — a local or general anesthesia. A local anesthetic is a pain relief medication that affects a specific part of the body. During pregnancy termination, local anesthetic may be used to numb the cervix. General anesthesia affects the whole body. General anesthetics can be used to produce unconsciousness or a state of conscious sedation (also known as twilight anesthesia) in which the patient is awake but drowsy or may even fall asleep. Patients who receive general anesthetic may not remember the procedure. General anesthetic is more medically complicated and may increase the cost of the procedure.

Abortion is not only physical but impacts women emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Emotional risks tend to be greater if a woman feels pressured into an abortion decision by her partner, her family, a lack of support, or her circumstances. Free consultations at any of our five offices are available by appointment or walk-in. You can discuss your concerns and different options with a caring staff member. We can also make referrals to equip you to make an informed decision that is best for you.

Physical Risks

While abortion is usually considered a “low-risk” procedure, all medical and surgical procedures have risks. Read about possible complications here.

Emotional Reactions

Abortion is a medical procedure, but it can have lasting consequences in other areas of your life. Learn about some possible emotional reactions.