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Considering Abortion?

First Steps

You found out you are pregnant and you are considering abortion. What next?

Confirming the Pregnancy

First, we recommend verifying  the positive pregnancy test result you had at home. One way to do that is to come in and take one of our free pregnancy tests. Our tests are over 99.9% accurate and you get the benefit of caring staff members helping you understand the test result. We want you to move forward in this process, confident that you have an accurate test result.

Utilizing Ultrasound

Second, many women will get an ultrasound before getting their abortion. An ultrasound helps you know exactly how far along you are, which is significant as you look into your different abortion procedure options. Ultrasound also lets you know if your pregnancy is likely to continue. Statistics show that 1 in 6 pregnancies end in miscarriage. Our free ultrasounds, performed by a medical professional, will help you determine the likelihood of natural miscarriage.