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Considering Abortion?

Maybe it’s not the right time. He walked out. You have a year left in your program. You never wanted kids. There are many reasons that women plan on terminating. Whatever the reason, Avenue Women’s Center offers a private, objective clinic.  You can receive complete information on the age and viability of your pregnancy through ultrasound. While you make your best decision, we care for you.


Your period is late. You are in school, you are not employed, or this is just not the right time to be pregnant. You may feel that having an abortion would make this all go away, but you need to know where to start. At Avenue Women's Center, we offer many services to help you in your unique situation.

First Steps

We’ve written this section to help women who have just begun to consider and research abortion. This is information that we would want to know, and we hope it’s helpful to you.

Abortion Questions Answered

Answers to specific questions we hear from many women about how the abortion procedures work and what to expect from an abortion.

Your Feelings

At Avenue Women's Center, we know that when you're making an abortion decision, you have to deal with facts and feelings. We offer a safe, confidential place to discuss your unique situation.

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