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Am I Pregnant? : About Pregnancy Tests

Types of Pregnancy Tests

Avenue Women’s Center offers free and confidential pregnancy tests that are over 99.5% accurate 10 days after possible conception. At Avenue Women’s Center, we use lab-quality, high-sensitivity pregnancy tests so you can have confidence in the result of our in-office tests. You will learn the outcome of your test during your appointment. (Learn more about what to expect at your appointment.)

There are two types of pregnancy tests; urine-based and blood-based tests. Your appointment at Avenue Women’s Center will use a urine-based test. We are here to help as you navigate your first steps in a possible unplanned pregnancy.

Urine Pregnancy Tests

Urine-based pregnancy tests are fast, easy to use, and readily available. Urine tests can be purchased over the counter for home use or performed at a pregnancy clinic like Avenue Women's Center or a doctor’s office. Many women facing an unplanned pregnancy choose to take a urine test at home after they miss a period, however the pregnancy tests offered at our four clinics are accurate as early as 10 days after conception. On average, that may be two to four days before a woman is due to start her period. Whether you choose to take a test at home or not, Avenue offers you peace of mind through our free in-office tests from our caring, professional staff.

Our urine based pregnancy tests are over 99.5% accurate. All pregnancy tests are offered as part of a confidential pregnancy consultation so that you can discuss the results right away, including the rare instances of a false positive or false negative result. In addition, our trained staff is available to discuss next steps for your situation. Appointments and walk-in times are available at all of our centers.

Blood Pregnancy Tests

Blood-based pregnancy tests are very sensitve and specific. A blood test measures not just the presence of hCG, but the amount of hCG that is present. For this reason, a doctor may use blood tests to track problems during a pregnancy or to rule out a tubal (ectopic) pregnancy. However, blood tests can only be performed at a doctor’s office, and it usually takes longer to get the results from a blood test than from a urine test.

Avenue Women's Center offers only urine pregnancy tests, which are over 99.5% accurate. We can also provide you with referrals to doctors’ offices which offer blood based tests. If your blood test is positive you are welcome to receive a follow-up consultation at one of our four pregnancy clinics so that you can discuss the next steps for your situation. We can be your first step in facing a pregnancy decision.