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Am I Pregnant? : We Can Help

Telling Your Parents

For many women — of all ages — who are pregnant, one of the scariest things is telling their parents or guardians the news. Parents respond in all different ways. Our caring staff members can help you prepare for this conversation. We have developed materials you can use to tell your parents about the pregnancy. Despite the shock many parents experience, we find that most parents will love and support their daughters.

During your free pregnancy consultation, we will discuss your parents’ expected reaction and help you prepare for their response. We can help with:

  • Tips on how to best tell your parents
  • What to say (and what you might want to avoid)
  • Worksheets to make sure you’re well prepared
  • Resources you can use to demonstrate the thought you’ve invested
  • Confidence in the decision you plan to make
  • Developing a safety plan if one is needed

After your consultation, you will feel more confident about your plans for telling your parents. Breaking the news of your pregnancy will likely be the first of many conversations you will have with them. As decisions are made, emotions are processed, and your best plans for your future are set, we will continue to be there for you. Throughout your pregnancy, our caring staff members are available to meet with parents, families, and anyone else who you would like to have involved.

We are here to support you as you consider telling your parents about your pregnancy. We know that it may feel scary. Let us help. Contact Avenue Women’s Center today to set up an appointment.