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Am I Pregnant? : About Pregnancy

Preventing Pregnancy

Have you recently had a pregnancy scare?  Taken a home pregnancy test with a negative result?  Or you are sexually active and concerned about a future pregnancy?  Even the thought of becoming pregnant can be a scary one if parenthood is not part of your immediate plans.  That moment when you think you might be pregnant can cause a lot of stress in your life, leaving you anxious and frightened.  As you wait for the pregnancy test results, your mind is racing and your heart is about ready to jump out of your chest.  You are simultaneously dreading and eagerly awaiting answers to that overwhelming question: Am I pregnant?  Seeing a negative result brings a wave of relief you may have never experienced before.

So how do I make sure I’m not put in this situation again?  How can I avoid the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty surrounding a pregnancy scare?

Our professional staff is here to help prevent the stress of an untimely pregnancy.  Schedule an appointment to meet with one of our staff members to first confirm your negative result then talk about how to prevent these pregnancy scares in the future.  They will work with you individually in a caring and confidential environment.  Maybe you want to get pregnant, but not any time soon.  Or perhaps pregnancy is not part of the plans you have for your life.  By meeting with a Avenue Women’s Center staff member, you will evaluate your goals and life circumstances and create a plan for avoiding future unplanned pregnancies.  Contact Avenue Women’s Center today to schedule a free appointment.