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Am I Pregnant? : About Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy Test Costs

Home pregnancy tests usually range between $8 to $20.  Some packages contain more than one test.  Pregnancy tests with a higher sensitivity to the pregnancy hormone hCG can be more expensive as well.

Avenue Women’s Center offers all our clients a free, high-sensitivity pregnancy test.  For many women, being able to take a pregnancy test with high accuracy can be important for determining the first steps regarding her pregnancy.

Blood pregnancy tests are available through doctors' offices, community clinics, and some immediate care centers.  At many community clinics a urine test is performed first.  Then a doctor decides if a blood test is indicated if the result of the urine test is negative.  Many women choose to receive a free urine test at Avenue Women’s Center before pursuing a blood pregnancy test.

If you are facing a possible unplanned pregnancy and would like an early, free indicator of if you are pregnant, contact Avenue Women’s Center today about a free pregnancy test appointment.