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Am I Pregnant? : About Pregnancy

Mature Pregnancy

If you are over 35 and facing an unplanned pregnancy, Avenue Women’s Center can provide pregnancy support for your first steps as you begin to make pregnancy decisions for yourself.  You may be completely surprised to find yourself pregnant at this stage in your life.  We hear women say things like “I thought I was done having kids,” “I didn’t think I could get pregnant,” or “I never wanted kids.”  When you’ve got an established career, family, or lifestyle, and unexpected pregnancy can be a real challenge.

No matter what your pregnancy circumstance, Avenue Women’s Center can provide you with up-to-date, accurate information regarding all your pregnancy options and pregnancy later in life.

Please know that it is very possible for a woman over age 35 to have a normal and healthy pregnancy.  Nevertheless, it is important to get early prenatal care and pregnancy support.  Avenue Women’s Center can help you with referrals and resources for prenatal care.  Call Avenue Women’s Center today for a free pregnancy test to verify your pregnancy or for a pregnancy consultation to discuss options, referrals, or any of your other pregnancy needs.  All pregnancy services are free and confidential.