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Am I Pregnant?

If You Might Be Pregnant

Unprotected Sex

If you recently had unprotected sex and are worried that you may be pregnant, you may have many questions or fears. Knowing the risks and pregnancy possibilities that you may face as a result of unprotected sexual activity is important.

Can I Get Pregnant If...?

Many people have questions about when pregnancy is possible. We've provided answers to some of the more commonly asked questions in this section.

Knowing for Sure

There are lots of symptoms associated with early pregnancy, but every woman will be different. Some women experience symptoms very early, and some women hardly experience any symptoms at all.  A missed period and a positive test are the two main indicators that you may be pregnant.

Pregnancy Options

Learn about your three options–abortion, adoption, and parenting. Many women find it helpful get more information from one of our nonjudgmental, professional staff member before they make a decision about their unplanned pregnancy.

Hooking Up

It can be hard to face an unplanned pregnancy following casual sex. Avenue Women's Center offers help for the physical, social, and legal issues you may be wondering about.