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Am I Pregnant? : About Pregnancy

How Far Along Am I?

If you believe you are pregnant, trying to figure out how far along you may be in your pregnancy can be a bit confusing.  In early pregnancy, the gestational age (the length of the pregnancy) can be determined two ways: from the first day of your last menstrual period  or from the day of ovulation.  Since most women do not regularly track when they ovulate, at Avenue Women’s Center we can help you determine how far along you are by the first day of your last period.

Conception—or the beginning of pregnancy—typically occurs two weeks prior to your next period.  However, this varies from woman to woman and pregnancy is possible at any point during your menstrual cycle.  Pregnancy is typically calculated into “trimesters.” First trimester refers to 1 to 13 weeks; second trimester is 14 to 26 weeks; and 27 to 40 weeks for the third trimester.

If you think you may be pregnant and would like assistance in determining how far along you are in your pregnancy, Avenue Women’s Center can help.  Contact Avenue Women’s Center today to talk with one of our caring, professional staff.