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My Story

Stories from those who’ve been there.

“Finding out I was pregnant was a shocker…”

One day I woke up and felt sick. My fiancé at the time told me I had been super moody and that he thought I might be pregnant. He expressed that it was not a good time to be having another baby because we already had a daughter who was less than 2 years old. He started to change and become distant. I was really scared because we had been planning to get married. I couldn’t put it off any longer; I needed to know. After I talked to a close friend, she told me to go to Avenue. They had helped her through her journey although her final choice was to have an abortion. I gave Avenue a call and set up an appointment. When I went in, I was so nervous, but Lindsay made me feel comfortable and at ease. When I saw the test come up positive, my heart and world flipped upside down. I didn’t tell my fiancé for a few days, and when I did, he was so disappointed that he didn’t talk to me for 3 days. I was so alone and scared. I felt like I was in a dark hole. Thankfully, Avenue was there for me. I had no one else but my counselor Lindsay. She even helped me set up a few therapy sessions with the PRC, Julie. I was debating on having an abortion for a while, but ended up changing my mind. My fiancé and I went on to get married although it was rough times. Avenue helped support me when my husband wouldn’t. Finally at 8 months pregnant, he came around! Our daughter was extremely involved at the end of my pregnancy as well. Since I had a belly, I wanted her to understand that there was another baby coming. In May our son was born! I couldn’t be more in love! My husband is so happy to have a boy and my daughter at 2 years old is a great big sister! Finding out I was pregnant a second time was a shocker and a world changer, but Avenue helped and I’m so thankful for their services and for Lindsay!

“We will never forget the day our 19 year old daughter let us know she was pregnant.”

We will never forget the day when out of left field our 19 year old daughter, with fear and trepidation, let us know that she was pregnant. I am sure that any parent, whether being of Christian faith or not, would have had many similar thoughts and emotions as they received news like this. These feelings and emotions are hard to sort out in those fragile first moments, and may sometimes take many months until both parties become fully aware of the trials involved with this new path, and the future blessings as well. Even through the uncertainty of what the future held, the most relieving thing was to hear that our daughter was keeping the baby, and that she would take full responsibility for her actions. We live in an imperfect world, and we are imperfect beings, parents’ love for their children is capable of overcoming many hard disappointments, especially if the child is willing to accept responsibility, make a commitment to do the right thing, and grow wiser from their mistakes. Many times we all tend to worry about what people will think, will I be a good parent, how will I provide, will I still get to do the things that I had planned… What I now see in hindsight is that all these concerns will continue to exist whether pregnant or not, the world offers no guarantees. But if you are responsible in your actions, surround yourself with responsible people, and work hard, you will continually become less fearful and more confident in your ability to move forward.

Jacob was born September 6th, 2000. He was bald for his first couple of years, he has big brown eyes, and we often called him Charlie Brown until his hair started to come in. What a blessing this child was, and is, how healing it was as he stole our hearts. Yes, there were sacrifices and changed plans. Yes, there were adjustments to make, and time lines for goals that would need to get pushed back a bit. But all those things paled in comparison to the love my daughter has for her son, and our love as grandparents for him. Jacob is now 12, he has one of the most loving, outgoing personalities we have ever experienced. God made him unique, as he does with all children. The uniqueness of this child has swept away all the prior worries and concerns, we can’t imagine the tragedy of not having him.

“Avenue Goes Above and Beyond!”

I came to Avenue when I had just turned 18, after taking a home pregnancy test. It was confirmed that I was pregnant and I was explained all of my choices. My boyfriend (now husband) at the time was in boot camp for the Marine Corp. I had made the decision to keep my child, but was unable to tell my boyfriend of the pregnacy. The staff at Avenue were kind and genuinely caring. After being kicked out of my brother’s house for choosing to keep my child, I had thought I lost all ties to Avenue. However, after a couple months I got an email. In my opinion, Avenue had made more of an effort to help me and support my decision more than most of my family. I had been going to school full-time and only had a small income and my fiance was unable to be home with me…I guess my point is, Avenue goes above and beyond that extra mile. I can’t thank Avenue, their wonderful staff, or (my peer counselor) enough! My daughter, my husband, and I thank anyone and everyone who was involved in our story. I am able to continue school, move, be with my husband, but most importantly I’m able to do everything AND be a mother to my daughter, Tatum, through every minute of it, thanks to the support from Avenue.

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