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Stories from those who’ve been there.

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““When the test came back positive I was very upset.””

My daughter was not planned. In fact when my husband and I married we had decided that we were not having children. My husband and I both have teenagers from previous relationships. When I took a home pregnancy test and it came back positive I was very upset. I called and made an appointment at an abortion clinic. The more I thought about the more I realized I didn’t think I could go through with it. I had an abortion a few years ago during which I was awake for the whole procedure. It was terrible and I had nightmares about it for quite some time after. I called and made an appointment to come to Avenue. There I was given an ultrasound and told I was 5 weeks and 6 days along. I heard my daughters heartbeat and cried. I then knew I wanted to keep her. Now when I look at her I think what a terrible mistake an abortion would have been. Thank you for helping me through this. She is the best little girl ever.

“I had no clue about anything going on with my pregnancy…”

“Before I came to Avenue I had no clue about anything going on with my pregnancy…My mom did some searching on the internet and that’s when she found Avenue. We went there a couple of days later. Avenue helped me by giving me an official pregnancy test to make sure I was pregnant and they also gave me a free ultrasound which I loved. I had never seen my baby before then, neither did I know that I was already 12 weeks along! I was very thankful for that. Also my counselor was really nice and understanding. I like her a lot, plus she checks in on me and the baby which I really appreciate. Because of Avenue I was able to find a doctor I liked and if I needed anything concerning the baby or myself, they gave me the information I needed. I love Avenue and I’m glad I chose them to help me.”

“If it wasn’t for you, I am sure I would have fallen apart.”

If it wasn’t for you, I am sure I would have fallen apart.

I was cleaning out my wallet and found your card. I am not sure and can’t remember if I ever told you how grateful I was for your kindness last year to me while I was going through my pregnancy that ultimately led to an abortion and wanted to make sure I did, even if it is later than expected. It’s been over a year since the procedure now, and I am still very confident and comfortable that I made the correct choice for myself at the time. During those seven weeks prior to the procedure, I was a complete mess and I really appreciate your kindness, compassion, and patience with me. If it wasn’t for you, I am sure I would have fallen apart.

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