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Wandering in a Pregnancy Decision

For me, summertime is a mix of happiness and struggle. My allergies make it hard to breathe outside. And as a person who is usually always warm, I look like a literal hot mess in steamy months. I cope with these discomforts to enjoy one of my favorite things—hiking in nature. Sometimes the paths I have to choose from all seem pretty difficult and I wonder, “What did I just get myself into? What’s the best option forward? How am I going to face this challenge?” Many women often ask themselves questions like these when facing an unexpected pregnancy. How do navigate your best option when you’re wandering in a pregnancy decision?

A Season of Change with an Unexpected Pregnancy

Life’s seasons range from sunny to stormy—sometimes all at once. An unexpected pregnancy situation can be one of these times. The news can come as a tough shock at first, even if you plan to parent. You didn’t plan on this to happen right now, but you know a season of change is coming with this unexpected pregnancy. How can you handle some of the mixed emotions? What might be helpful to know as you take your first steps?

“I Don’t Want Anyone to Find Out About My Abortion!”

Abortion is a very personal decision. Some women are comfortable speaking up about their experience, but others are more apprehensive. They might not want to share their abortion with others. However, keeping the experience to themselves may not be easy on their emotions or mental state. What help exists for women who don’t want anyone to find out about their abortion?

Standing Your Ground in a Pregnancy Decision

Being a “push over” has a negative connotation in our society. We value those who stand up for what they believe in, and who don’t give in to outside voices. Our heroes go up against the odds and don’t break under pressure. Yet, what does it mean to stand your ground when it comes to a pregnancy decision? How do you resist the outside influence from life circumstances, friends, family, or even your partner?

Hiding an Abortion Decision

Abortion is not the easiest option to discuss with your partner or loved ones. Terminating a pregnancy is a personal decision that many women face. While some women feel confident that abortion is right for them, others struggle with the decision. They might want to hide as they think about having an abortion, keeping their pregnancy decision to themselves. But is keeping an abortion decision to yourself the best approach? What effects can hiding have before you decide on an abortion?