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Truth or Dare with an Unexpected Pregnancy

Did you ever play truth or dare growing up? It often felt like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Do you choose to do something embarrassing in front of your friends? Or do you choose to share something you wanted to keep secret? Sometimes facing an unexpected pregnancy can feel like a game of truth or dare. Do you opt for the truth and take the risk to share what’s really going on with others?

He Keeps Changing His Mind Between Parenting and Abortion

Perhaps you recently found out you are pregnant and your partner seemed supportive. You had conversations about what it might look like to become parents. Then, he drastically changed his mind. He brought up the topic of abortion and keeps wavering between the two options. What can you do when he keeps changing his mind between parenting and abortion?

Hopes and Fears of an Unexpected Pregnancy Decision

Life can often be a jumbled mixture of emotions, especially if you hope for the best and fear the worst. The hopefulness encourages you take risks, jump forward, and dare to dream big. Meanwhile, fearfulness creeps its way around your thoughts with doubts, worries, and concerns that hold you back. Sometimes it can feel like you’re stuck in the middle of hope and fear when facing an important choice, paralyzed with uncertainty about what to do next. How do you weigh your hopes and fears to decide, especially with an unexpected pregnancy decision?

Under Pressure to Make a Pregnancy Decision

In a perfect world, a pregnancy decision would be completely free of outside pressures. However, in the reality of many unexpected pregnancies, outside pressures can come from a wide variety of different areas. The decision is ultimately yours to make, but it can include so many others and involve several circumstances as well. You may want to silence it all and just focus on your own thoughts and feelings, but life’s layers can add pressure to your pregnancy decision.

Digging Deeper Before an Abortion Decision

Things can often seem one way on the surface, but as we dig deeper it can reveal a different story altogether. A relationship may seem fine on the outside, but is painful from the inside. We put on a happy face at work or school, but feel saddened with personal struggles at home. At first glance a situation may appear a certain way, but it might start to look much differently when we look further into it. An unexpected pregnancy can be one of these situations. On the surface it may seem like you only have one option, leading you to consider abortion. What happens when you dig deeper into your thoughts and feelings about abortion?