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Reviews of Avenue Women’s Center

Our clients come in struggling with hard questions. “What are my chances of getting pregnant?” “Should I get an abortion?” “How much does an abortion cost?” We cannot lighten the importance of those questions – but we can make sure that a woman is able to receive answers in the most comfortable and respectful environment possible. One staff member, Glenda, explained it this way: “I want to treat everyone with respect without judging their circumstances in a way that they feel understood, supported and cared for.”

Free Pregnancy Test in Elmhurst: When You Need to Know

We’ve noticed that sometimes women feel embarrassed about coming in for a free pregnancy test. At times, that is because they wish the circumstances surrounding the possible pregnancy hadn’t happened. Some women seem to feel a pressure to figure things out on their own. Other women apologize for “wasting our time” when a test is negative. Still others are unclear about their chances of getting pregnant, given their situation.

“I’m Pregnant—Now What?”

When you think you might be pregnant, “now what?” may be your first question. You have much to think about.Every month, dozens of DuPage county women come to Avenue Women’s Center to talk to a caring expert about what comes next.

Unplanned Pregnancy: You Can’t Win?

In Jodi Picoult’s novel Handle With Care, a character describes the catch-22 of unplanned pregnancy: “You can’t win. Either you have the baby and wear your pain on the outside, or you don’t have the baby, and you keep that ache in you forever. I know I didn’t do the wrong thing. But I don’t feel like I did the right thing, either.”

Unexpectedly Pregnant: Support Makes the Difference Between Sinking and Swimming

If you are unexpectedly pregnant, the support of a boyfriend, husband,family member, or friend can make the difference between feeling like you’re sinking and feeling like you’re swimming.