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Considering Abortion:  Piecing Together Your Decision

Life can throw us many puzzling choices. Unlike an actual puzzle, we don’t have a picture on a box to guide us. We can feel lost at times, especially with bigger decisions such as what to do in an unexpected pregnancy situation. You might feel like you’re in the middle of a complicated and mixed up puzzle, with abortion feeling like your best solution. How do you move forward and put the pieces together when considering abortion?

What Are the Odds with the Abortion Pill?

Sometimes the odds work in our favor, but when they don’t it can be crushing news. Even with careful planning, risk can still be right around the corner. We may ask ourselves, “What are the odds of that happening?” when something catches us off-guard. You might be experiencing this right now if you’re unexpectedly pregnant and thinking about taking a medication abortion. What are the odds with the abortion pill? How do you know for sure if it’s the option for you? When things can’t be left up to chance, it’s time to take charge and find out the facts.

“Do My Parents Know Best in a Decision About Abortion?”

Our parents make all kinds of decisions for us as we grow up, usually in our best interests. Where we live, what schools we’ll start off at, who our doctors are, our bedtimes, the kinds of food we eat, etc. Yet, there are many decisions our parents can’t make for us as we get older, even as teenagers. An unexpected pregnancy decision is one of them—especially if you’re considering an abortion. They’ve helped steer your life so far, but do your parents know best in a decision about abortion? How can you move forward and make a good choice for yourself?

Free Pregnancy Tests in Tight Times

Life’s toughest tests often come at even tougher times. We can either crumble in a defeated heap, or choose to rise up and withstand. The decision is up to us. But when you think you might be pregnant in the middle of a particularly rough patch, the possibility can feel like it’s weighing you down. You need to find out for sure, but pregnancy tests can be expensive when finances are tight. Where can you turn for a free pregnancy test in tight times?

Free Abortion Information in West Chicago

Information is often mere moments away with a few taps of our fingertips. While an online search can be helpful, sometimes we need more personalized answers. You might have a lot of unique questions if you’re facing a pregnancy decision and considering abortion. Local and affordable help can be tough to find. Where can you turn for free and accurate abortion information?