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“I’ve Never Thought about Abortion Before”

New experiences and circumstances are always just around the corner as life moves us through different stages. We often wind up in places and situations we’ve never been in before. Change can be exciting, but also nerve-wracking. If you’re unexpectedly pregnant, you might not be sure of where this change is heading. Maybe you’ve never been pregnant, or maybe you have, but never in these type of circumstances. Whatever the situation, you’ve never thought about abortion before, but you are considering it now.

Facing a Pregnancy Decision as an Overthinker

Everyone’s mind has a tendency to trail off along different tangents. For the overthinkers of the world, thought trails can look more like tangled and twisted mazes, making it incredibly easy to get lost in them. Overthinking can be great for creativity, delving into inspirational thought patterns and seeing where they take you. It can also be a curse when it comes to making a decision, as you get so wrapped up in your thoughts that you can’t decide on the best option. What if the decision you’re facing is about an unexpected pregnancy? How do you untangle your thought maze and decide on your best pregnancy option?

Pregnant and Single in Your 30s

Life in your 30s can feel like you’re reaching your adulthood self. Your career is moving forward, you’re planting your living roots, and overall you feel like you’ve finally grown up. You’re single and loving the life you’re building for yourself and your future. Until the unexpected happens, and it rattles your whole world. You didn’t intend for this to happen, but you’re suddenly pregnant and single in your 30s. What now?

Outside Looking into an Abortion

Abortion can often be a consideration in an unexpected pregnancy situation. A lot of times, women feel both inner and outer pressures leaning towards the option of abortion. When you’re on the inside of a pregnancy situation, it can be challenging to look at your options from an objective outside perspective. And likewise if you’re a friend, family member, or partner looking in on your loved one’s pregnancy decision. How can you look at abortion as a pregnancy option from both the outside and inside perspective?

Hoping for a Negative Pregnancy Test

Taking a pregnancy test can be a nerve-racking experience. While some might be disappointed by a negative result, others could feel a rushing wave of relief wash over them. Every minute spent waiting for a pregnancy test result was filled with fear, panic, and flashes of regret. They start thinking about every choice and every situation that led them to this moment, wondering how it could have been a different path. For some women, a negative pregnancy test result can be a life-changing experience.