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The Escape Room of an Unexpected Pregnancy

Have you ever had a strong feeling of panic set in? Your heart starts racing and your breathing gets shallow. The walls feel like they’re closing in around you. Are you facing a real crisis? Or are you experiencing emotions similar to being trapped in an escape room? This popular group activity can invoke several of the same kinds of emotions that women often experience with an unexpected pregnancy: trapped, frustrated, confused, and in need of support.

An Emotional Pregnancy Decision

Pregnancy is often assumed to be a time of joyful celebration, but this isn’t always the case in an unexpected pregnancy situation. A wide range of emotions can come with shocking pregnancy news, and not all of them are necessarily positive feelings, even if we wish they were. It can leave anyone feeling uncertain about their options as they make what feels like an emotional pregnancy decision.

Considering Abortion Due to Health Concerns

A decision about abortion can be tough to face for many women. Practical concerns and personal reasons are often big considerations. But what if you have medical reasons for considering an abortion? What if a pregnancy might cause serious health risks? How can you know if an abortion is best for you? What if your feelings are conflicted even with having medical reasons for an abortion?

Drawing a Blank in a Pregnancy Decision

We’ve all had those moments when our minds draw a complete blank. A question we didn’t know the answer to, something made us forget what we were going to say, or we’re just too overwhelmed to think clearly. I’ve even walked into a room and couldn’t remember why, my thoughts interrupting my steps along the way. Eventually, we often fill in the blank as our memory brings back the missing information, or we find our voice and speak up. Other times, the blankness can leave us feeling lost and searching for answers. Women may feel this way when they unexpectedly face a pregnancy decision, uncertain about what to do next. How can you fill in the blanks and learn more about your pregnancy options?

We Don’t Agree About Abortion

Opposites can attract, but they can also divide. In a relationship, differences can often be both intriguing and divisive. Sometimes we find our partner’s contrasting thoughts interesting, while other times a difference of opinion might escalate into a disagreement. When the latter happens, it can be difficult to know how to move forward, especially when it comes to an important decision. What if the decision is in regards to an unexpected pregnancy? What do you do if your partner wants an abortion, but you don’t?