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Considering the Abortion Pill But I Have Irregular Periods

After considering your unexpected pregnancy options, perhaps you’re hoping to learn more about the abortion pill (RU-486). For some women who lean towards a medical abortion over a surgical one, they typically do so because the procedure sounds less invasive and generally would not require anesthesia. But perhaps you’re wondering whether or not this option is available to you because your menstrual cycle is irregular. The fluctuating nature of your period can make the detection of an unexpected pregnancy a little harder, but before you schedule an abortion, it’s important to find out more information.

“I Had Unprotected Sex: How Long Until I Get Pregnant?”

If you’ve recently had unprotected sex, you may wonder if there’s any chance that you could be pregnant. The process your body goes through to indicate a pregnancy can take time. You may even still be menstruating, and without any clear signs, there can be confusion about whether you’re pregnant or not. After having unprotected sex, how long does it take to get pregnant?

Nervous About an Unexpected Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Even if you’re not infected, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has had an impact on our individual worlds. For most of us, our daily routines have been disrupted because the virus has interfered with our ability to attend school or work, and circumstances have forced us to temporarily acclimate to a new schedule. Something similar may have happened after you learned about an unexpected pregnancy, as you may have anticipated that being pregnant often leads to changes. Combined with concerns you may have about COVID-19, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed, and this period of mandatory confinement we’re experiencing can make us susceptible to loneliness. There may be a lot of fear during this time, but in order to dispel panic, it’s recommended you slowly gather information and begin to process what your next steps should be from there. But where can you go for help?

“My Partner Wanted a Pregnancy, Now He Wants Me to Abort”

Sometimes, here at Avenue Women’s Center, we will see women who were originally excited about a pregnancy, but due to a change in circumstances, they may now be considering abortion. For some women their partner initially wanted to continue the pregnancy, but then changed his mind, and now wants her to terminate. What happens when suddenly and unexpectedly, you are finding yourself faced with a decision to continue a pregnancy without the support of your partner?

“What Are My Options If I Have Ovarian Cancer During Pregnancy?”

An unexpected pregnancy can be a life-changing event, but a cancer diagnosis can add a bit of an unanticipated challenge to an already stressful situation. If abnormal symptoms persist, and you’ve begun to worry it may be ovarian cancer, then you may need to talk to your healthcare provide to receive a proper diagnosis. The emotions related to the news of an unexpected pregnancy, combined with a cancer diagnosis, can make the situation seem overwhelming. There may be feelings of shock, fear, and maybe even sadness as you try to come to terms with these two pieces of surprising news. Remember you are not alone during this time, and it may be to your benefit to consult supportive resources.