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“Is It Okay to Have Unprotected Sex After Taking the Morning-After Pill?”

Circumstances sometimes arise where you missed a birth control pill or your primary birth control method didn’t work. You may find yourself asking what you should do next, and perhaps you turn to emergency contraceptive methods. Emergency birth control such as the morning-after pill is used to prevent pregnancies after engaging in unprotected sex. But how does the process work? Is it ok to have unprotected sex after taking the morning after pill?

“I Can’t Be Pregnant – We were Using Condoms Most of the Time!”

Perhaps you’ve been sexually active, using condoms most of the time, thinking you are “safe.” Now you had a positive pregnancy test and discover that you are pregnant despite your precautions. You may have any number of questions running through your mind. How did this happen? We thought we were being safe! What are my options now?

“How Soon Can I Have Sex After an Abortion?”

If you are considering an abortion or have recently had an abortion, you may have some questions about when it is “safe” to have sex again following the procedure. How long do you have to wait to have sex after an abortion? Are there different waiting periods for a surgical abortion than the abortion pill (medication abortion)? Along with the physical considerations of sex after an abortion, there also may be some emotional factors to take into account.

“Can I Get Pregnant from Sperm Without Having Sex?”

Pregnancy can occur even with careful measures of prevention. A condom can break or slip off. A birth control method might prove ineffective. But what if you’re having sex without actual intercourse? If you aren’t ready to be pregnant, you might be wondering about the potential risks and elements that can lead to a pregnancy. So many “what if” scenarios might be floating around inside your mind, leaving you to wonder what’s true and what’s fiction. What are the possibilities of getting pregnant without having sex?

“My Partner Didn’t Do His Part to Prevent Pregnancy”

An unexpected pregnancy can happen even if a woman is cautious to prevent it. You follow your birth control method carefully. You keep track of your ovulation and menstruation cycles to understand when you’re most susceptible of becoming pregnant. You do your part in preventing pregnancy, knowing you aren’t ready to face that possibility right now in life. But what about your partner? What if you think he’s doing his part to prevent a pregnancy, but find out too late that he didn’t? How do you cope with your feelings and a possible pregnancy decision?