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Avenue Women’s Center Blog

Real people writing about real problems.

Avenue Women’s Center Reviews, February 2020

Snowflakes and ice begin to dry up as crocus flowers and other blossoms may be fooled into an early bloom. Though its late into the winter season, the ground may still be hard, laden with remnants of fallen snow and sleet. But spring is cautiously emerging, the withered air unleashing one last cold breath as the clouds begin to part for a warm sun. At this point, we may be staring anxiously at our lightweight jackets and flip-flops, anticipating the day where this will be all we have to arm ourselves with before we venture outside. The month of February can be filled with much wishing and wanting, as we know the plans we want to make, but we must first wait for winter to depart. As we bid farewell to winter, we may reflect on how it may have temporarily changed things, but there were still moments of joy to be had. The caring staff at Avenue Women’s Center understands the struggle to be patient when you desire a specific outcome, helping you find small, uplifting comforts with our compassionate services. Throughout each of our centers, we devote ourselves to supporting women during an unexpected pregnancy, ensuring you have the assistance you need in what may be a time of great anticipation.

Avenue Women’s Center Reviews, December 2019

Following on the heels of autumn, where the sun’s heat begins to dim and the leaves turn orange and red, winter has a tendency to creep up on us. It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again already, where the earth enters a frosty sleep and we find ourselves huddling beside an iridescent fire to warm our frozen bones. The cold winds and sprinkling of icy white flakes upon the hardened ground are often admired best from your window, where you can gaze upon nature’s wintry bed from the comfort of your home. This season is likely to keep you inside, and with so much time spent nestled in the warmth of your house, you may feel inspired to reflect on how much the little things can make you feel safe. Here at Avenue Women’s Center, we devote ourselves to serving women faced with an unexpected pregnancy by providing them with support and care. We aspire to be a compassionate presence in women’s lives, and we are pleased to hear from the women who felt comforted and secure after visiting one of our centers.

Avenue Women’s Center Reviews, November 2019

Thanksgiving is a special time of the year during which we are intentionally encouraged to reflect on everything that we are grateful for in our lives—our families, friends, good health, delicious food, our homes, our jobs, basic necessities, safety, nature’s beauty, etc. Here at Avenue Women’s Center, we feel especially grateful for the opportunity to serve women going through the prospect of an unexpected pregnancy. It is an honor to be able to hear snippets of life stories, to share vital information and resources, and to provide a compassionate presence during an, oftentimes, uniquely trying time in their lives.

Avenue Women’s Center Reviews, October 2019

October has seen its final day. There are no signs of life slowing down, only those of the passage of time, signified by the breathtaking beauty of the color-changing leaves and the, much less welcome, decreasing and uncomfortable temperatures. With the holidays right off in the distant-yet-not-too-distant future, likely comes the stress of school mid-terms (you got this!), family obligations, the season’s anticipated budget calculations, and the endless “to-do” lists that need to get done in preparation of it all. Given this, it may be difficult to find a quiet peaceful place (or the funds!) to think through or to talk to someone at length and in full confidence about something serious, like an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy.

Avenue Women’s Center Reviews, September 2019

Autumn is here and we all know what that means—sweater weather, the return of the “either you hate it or you love it” pumpkin spice lattes, and all of those apple orchard and pumpkin patch adventures, accompanied by, of course, a bunch of adorable pictures snapped throughout the day. (Because if you didn’t document it, did it really happen?)