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Avenue Women’s Center Reviews, October 2019

October has seen its final day. There are no signs of life slowing down, only those of the passage of time, signified by the breathtaking beauty of the color-changing leaves and the, much less welcome, decreasing and uncomfortable temperatures. With the holidays right off in the distant-yet-not-too-distant future, likely comes the stress of school mid-terms (you got this!), family obligations, the season’s anticipated budget calculations, and the endless “to-do” lists that need to get done in preparation of it all. Given this, it may be difficult to find a quiet peaceful place (or the funds!) to think through or to talk to someone at length and in full confidence about something serious, like an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy.

Avenue Women’s Center Reviews, September 2019

Autumn is here and we all know what that means—sweater weather, the return of the “either you hate it or you love it” pumpkin spice lattes, and all of those apple orchard and pumpkin patch adventures, accompanied by, of course, a bunch of adorable pictures snapped throughout the day. (Because if you didn’t document it, did it really happen?)

Avenue Women’s Center Reviews, August 2019

It’s the end of August, which means the end of summer is upon us. If this reality hasn’t already started to sink in for you with back-to-school duties eagerly awaiting (or already well accomplished), surely the sight of the streams of kids walking down the block with their new backpacks, PBJ-filled lunch bags, and wide-eyed smiles (or tears, depending on the age) will remind you it’s that time of the year when responsibility and routine call for our greatest attention!

Avenue Women’s Center Reviews, July 2019

Avenue Women’s Center isn’t just about providing services, but providing services with care and compassion. We never want anyone to come through our doors feeling like “just another number,” or feeling that their situation isn’t met with compassion. Here at Avenue Women’s Center, our pregnancy consultants are experts in providing free and confidential services with the utmost care and respect, while maintaining a professional and safe atmosphere. We understand that each woman’s situation is unique and provide services tailored to each individual need.

Avenue Women’s Center Reviews, June 2019

Ah, June! Summer has finally began. Don’t you just love this season of swimming, barbecues, outdoor events and longer days? Here at Avenue Women’s Center, we love the summer as well! We love having our doors wide open, with the fresh air blowing in! We also love the flexible summer schedules that bring us more women in need of our services. So, hey there…come on in!