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We Don’t Agree About Abortion

Opposites can attract, but they can also divide. In a relationship, differences can often be both intriguing and divisive. Sometimes we find our partner’s contrasting thoughts interesting, while other times a difference of opinion might escalate into a disagreement. When the latter happens, it can be difficult to know how to move forward, especially when it comes to an important decision. What if the decision is in regards to an unexpected pregnancy? What do you do if your partner wants an abortion, but you don’t?

“I Don’t Want to Be a Single Parent”

How we grow up often teaches what we want and don’t want in our own lives. Maybe we look up to our parents and loved ones, aspiring to be as hard working and driven as they were in raising us. Perhaps we learn from their challenges or struggles and strive for the opposite in ourselves. Whatever the circumstances, how we grow up can shape important decisions we face later on. For some, the important decision might be facing an unexpected pregnancy, and their upbringing is a major factor in the options they’re considering.

Thinking About Abortion with a Broken Heart

When a relationship ends, it can feel as though your whole world has been turned upside down. But what about a breakup when you think you might be pregnant or with a recently confirmed pregnancy? It might have been a short dating period, a long-term relationship, or years of marriage. You might not have been thinking about an abortion before, but find yourself considering it as an option. How can you move forward in your decision with a broken heart?

He Keeps Changing His Mind Between Parenting and Abortion

Perhaps you recently found out you are pregnant and your partner seemed supportive. You had conversations about what it might look like to become parents. Then, he drastically changed his mind. He brought up the topic of abortion and keeps wavering between the two options. What can you do when he keeps changing his mind between parenting and abortion?

The Blame Game of an Unexpected Pregnancy

When shocking news of an unexpected pregnancy hits, it can sometimes lead to a blame game between partners. Accusations can start to fly as you try to wrap your heads around the news. Maybe you did everything you could to prevent this situation and feel like your partner is to blame. Or maybe your partner is blaming you for becoming pregnant. While it’s easy to get caught up in the blame game with an unexpected pregnancy situation, it won’t change the fact that a decision lies ahead. How do you end the blaming and focus on your pregnancy decision?