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Coping with an Unsupportive Partner

Telling your boyfriend or husband about a pregnancy can seem intimidating – especially if this is not a time when either of you were expecting it. You may be worried about how he will react, as the two of you may not have been in a point in your relationship where you discussed the possibility of a pregnancy. While every situation is different, the reaction your partner has to the news may depend on his personal views about unexpected pregnancy and the level of your relationship. Some men may feel the same way as you did upon hearing the news: shocked, confused, and maybe a little scared. But how do you cope with an unsupportive partner who may be hesitant to be a part of your decision?

Unexpected Pregnancy and Marriage

Being married doesn’t make you immune to experiencing an unexpected pregnancy. For some married couples, there may be a sense of shock or frustration at the news of a positive test result. It’s normal to feel scared or frustrated, as there may be a lot of confusing emotions. Deciding how to move forward with an unexpected pregnancy can seem overwhelming, but there are steps that can be taken that may ease some of your stress.

Unexpected Pregnancy During a New Relationship

The beginning of a romantic relationship usually comes with a period of bliss. There may be grand romantic gestures as you continue to build this exciting relationship with one another, and it may feel as if you’re the only two people in the world. While the start of a romance often leaves both partners ecstatic, relationships are typically put to the test at some point. One of the biggest tests of a relationship can come in the form of an unexpected pregnancy. This can bring about lots of questions including what a pregnancy might mean for you and your partner, and what you should do next. It’s understandable that you may feel there are no easy answers to your situation, but there is help available if you are pregnant in a new relationship.

Talking to a Partner about an Unexpected Pregnancy

The news of an unexpected pregnancy can be surprising, and it can understandably lead to a wide range of emotions about the situation and what you should do. After you’ve begun to work through your reaction to the news, you can begin to process how to tell your partner. You may feel nervous, as discussions about an unexpected pregnancy can be difficult to have. While every relationship is unique, planning out how you want to talk to your partner can give you an idea on how you’re hoping the conversation will go, potentially easing some of your anxieties.

“I Want Him to Want the Pregnancy”

You’ve taken a pregnancy test and it’s confirmed your suspicions: you’re pregnant. You may be feeling a little scared, but perhaps you have decided you want to continue the pregnancy, and you’re hoping your partner feels the same way. But when you told him about the pregnancy, he may not have been very enthusiastic about it, and now you’re worried about how you can convince him to change his mind. When talking to a partner who may disagree with your pregnancy plans, you may want to consider obtaining help from a resource that can help advocate for your pregnancy decision and connect you with a supportive network. It’s understandable for you to want your partner to feel the same way about the pregnancy as you do, but it can be helpful to know that talking him through the pregnancy does not have to be something you do alone.