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Thinking About Abortion After a One-Night Stand

It was just one night. One moment in time you shared with another person. Maybe your partner was a friend, or someone you just met. But just that one time of sexual intercourse can result in a pregnancy, leaving you with an unexpected choice to make. You might be strongly considering an abortion if you find yourself in this situation, left with more questions about your next steps than answers.

“Just Married…And Now We’re Pregnant”

What an amazing event a wedding can be! All of the time put into getting everything just right, from the dress, to the flowers, to the music…it’s a day that you’ll never forget. You’ve said “I do” and celebrated with family and friends and now comes a time you’ve really been looking forward to, enjoying married life, just the two of you! But what happens when you’re settling in to those early days of wedded bliss and suddenly you or your spouse suspects that you are pregnant, much sooner than expected?

“I’m Pregnant in a Long-Distance Relationship”

Being in a long-distance relationship brings about its own set of challenges. What happens when you find yourself pregnant and your significant other is far away? How do you navigate the challenges of facing an unexpected pregnancy while being in a long-distance relationship?

Making a Pregnancy Decision While Ending an Abusive Relationship

I was in two abusive relationships many years ago. I know how the cycle of abuse can evolve—when you say to yourself that you’ve had enough and you’re going to leave. Then your partner seems remorseful, apologizes, says it’ll never happen again, he loves you, and showers you with kindness. You think, “This time it’ll be different,” “I can change him,” or “I’ll try harder and it won’t happen again.” But it doesn’t, and you only wind up back into being abused again. It can be difficult to walk away from an abusive relationship—especially if you find out you’re unexpectedly pregnant. You might know the best thing you can do is get away from the abuse, but knowing and doing can be very different things when your heart still feels connected to your partner. How can you face this pregnancy decision AND end an abusive relationship all at once?

“I Think My Partner Might Be Pregnant”

An unexpected pregnancy can be challenging to face. A woman might not be sure where or who to turn to initially, and possibly uncertain about sharing the potential news with her partner. It can be hard to reach out if you aren’t sure how your partner is going to receive the news, or if you’re uncertain about your pregnancy options. You might not even be sure if you really are pregnant. There are many reasons you might hesitate to tell your partner—especially if you were actively trying to prevent a pregnancy. But what if you’re the partner in this situation? If you think your partner might be pregnant, how can you approach her? What are some things you can say or do to show your partner support?