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The Blame Game of an Unexpected Pregnancy

When shocking news of an unexpected pregnancy hits, it can sometimes lead to a blame game between partners. Accusations can start to fly as you try to wrap your heads around the news. Maybe you did everything you could to prevent this situation and feel like your partner is to blame. Or maybe your partner is blaming you for becoming pregnant. While it’s easy to get caught up in the blame game with an unexpected pregnancy situation, it won’t change the fact that a decision lies ahead. How do you end the blaming and focus on your pregnancy decision?

Pregnant During a Transition Between Relationships

What happens when you find out you’re pregnant in a transition between relationships? There are so many scenarios that could land you in what feels like an awkward spot to be in. What if you just found out you’re pregnant, but you are already in a new relationship? Maybe it was a one-night stand or you went back to an ex. Perhaps you broke up and started a new relationship that you feel more positive about, but now you found out you are pregnant. What do you do?

“I Think I’m Pregnant and My Partner Is Not a Great Guy”

It’s easy to consider dating someone casually who you might not plan to have a future with. Perhaps your boyfriend seems “fine for now,” but he is not someone that you would want to be with long term. There could be several reasons your partner is not a great guy for you, but you look past them because things aren’t serious between you. Yet, serious things can happen even in casual dating situations. What happens when you face an unexpected pregnancy with a not-so-great guy?

“My Partner Didn’t Do His Part to Prevent Pregnancy”

An unexpected pregnancy can happen even if a woman is cautious to prevent it. You follow your birth control method carefully. You keep track of your ovulation and menstruation cycles to understand when you’re most susceptible of becoming pregnant. You do your part in preventing pregnancy, knowing you aren’t ready to face that possibility right now in life. But what about your partner? What if you think he’s doing his part to prevent a pregnancy, but find out too late that he didn’t? How do you cope with your feelings and a possible pregnancy decision?

Thinking About Abortion After a One-Night Stand

It was just one night. One moment in time you shared with another person. Maybe your partner was a friend, or someone you just met. But just that one time of sexual intercourse can result in a pregnancy, leaving you with an unexpected choice to make. You might be strongly considering an abortion if you find yourself in this situation, left with more questions about your next steps than answers.