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Avenue Women’s Center Blog

Real people writing about real problems.

“I’m Scared My Partner Is Pregnant”

Understanding physical or emotional changes in our partners isn’t always easy to do. This can be especially true when it comes to differences in men versus women. Our bodies, minds, and emotions function differently, and we might often misread one another as a result. Men might recognize a change in their partner’s moods or physical symptoms and chalk it up to period hormones. They may also worry about a possible pregnancy, even if they were being careful to prevent it. What can you do if you’re scared your partner is pregnant?

Bad Boyfriend, Good Father?

He’s a bad boyfriend, but will he be a good father? If you’re wondering something like this, you might be facing a pregnancy decision in a difficult relationship. You may want to choose the option of parenting, but have strong doubts about your partner’s ability to co-parent. If your partner doesn’t treat you the best, does it also mean he won’t be the best parent?

Unexpectedly Pregnant in a New Relationship

A new relationship is an exciting time. Sparks fly and hearts thump as you get to know each other. Suddenly, your heart starts pounding for another reason when you miss your period. Could you be unexpectedly pregnant in a new relationship? How do you tell your partner? What does a pregnancy decision mean for your future together?

Unexpectedly Pregnant and Fearing Disappointment

“I’m not mad, I’m disappointed.” These infamous words are uttered by our loved ones when we’ve messed up somehow—big time. We let them down, and their disappointment can cause both them and us to feel hurt, sad, and frustrated. There’s often ways to overcome disappointment, but it can be more challenging to move past in some cases. What if you’re unexpectedly pregnant and fearing disappointment from your parents, loved ones, or your partner? How do you share your pregnancy news and handle possible disappointment from your loved ones—or even yourself?

We Don’t Agree About Abortion

Opposites can attract, but they can also divide. In a relationship, differences can often be both intriguing and divisive. Sometimes we find our partner’s contrasting thoughts interesting, while other times a difference of opinion might escalate into a disagreement. When the latter happens, it can be difficult to know how to move forward, especially when it comes to an important decision. What if the decision is in regards to an unexpected pregnancy? What do you do if your partner wants an abortion, but you don’t?