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“Will my Relationship Change after an Abortion?”

The topic of abortion can be difficult for you and your partner to discuss. If you’ve already experienced an abortion, you both may be tempted to banish the abortion to the past and move on. If abortion is a current consideration, you may differ on how strongly you are leaning towards that option. For some couples, they might believe an abortion was most beneficial for their relationship. If you are looking into an abortion or experienced one in the past, it’s important to consider the question, “will my relationship change after an abortion?”

“He Cheated and Now I’m Thinking About Abortion”

You thought your relationship was headed in a good direction. Then you found out your partner cheated on you. Your whole world can feel like it’s flipping upside down, especially if you’re pregnant. You were going to continue the pregnancy, but now you’re thinking about abortion. How do you move forward in a pregnancy decision after he cheated?

Missing Support in a Decision About Abortion

An unexpected pregnancy decision can be difficult to face. And if you’re missing support from the one person or people you want around the most, it can feel impossible. Lack of support is among the varying personal reasons many women consider abortion. It can feel like you’re alone in your situation without any help. How can you move forward in a decision about abortion if you’re missing support?

Support Matters in an Unexpected Pregnancy Decision

Women can often feel alone in unexpected pregnancy situations. Maybe they’re afraid to tell loved ones and friends for fear of judgment. Perhaps their relationship is struggling or recently ended. Whatever the circumstances, it can be difficult to make a pregnancy choice without help. However, support matters when it comes to an unexpected pregnancy decision. Where can you find nonjudgmental support as you decide what to do?

Facing Criticism in an Abortion Decision

A tough choice often makes us doubt ourselves. It becomes even tougher if we feel like those around us are being critical. It can feel like you’re facing difficult inner and outer criticism in a decision about abortion. What are some things you can do to take your next steps? How can you make a choice you can feel good about?