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“Do My Parents Need to Know About an Abortion?”

Not many teens plan on becoming pregnant. When that one sexual encounter results in an unexpected pregnancy, it can be absolutely terrifying to face at a young age. Your body felt ready for sex, but your life is not ready for a pregnancy. Teens often consider the option of abortion, wondering how they will tell their parents—or if they even have to. Do your parents need to know about an abortion?

“Do My Parents Know Best in a Decision About Abortion?”

Our parents make all kinds of decisions for us as we grow up, usually in our best interests. Where we live, what schools we’ll start off at, who our doctors are, our bedtimes, the kinds of food we eat, etc. Yet, there are many decisions our parents can’t make for us as we get older, even as teenagers. An unexpected pregnancy decision is one of them—especially if you’re considering an abortion. They’ve helped steer your life so far, but do your parents know best in a decision about abortion? How can you move forward and make a good choice for yourself?

Unexpectedly Pregnant and Fearing Disappointment

“I’m not mad, I’m disappointed.” These infamous words are uttered by our loved ones when we’ve messed up somehow—big time. We let them down, and their disappointment can cause both them and us to feel hurt, sad, and frustrated. There’s often ways to overcome disappointment, but it can be more challenging to move past in some cases. What if you’re unexpectedly pregnant and fearing disappointment from your parents, loved ones, or your partner? How do you share your pregnancy news and handle possible disappointment from your loved ones—or even yourself?

Keeping My Pregnancy Private from My Parent’s Health Insurance

Having insurance coverage through your parents can be really helpful when you’re young and still trying to get situated in life. You don’t have to worry as much about medical expenses that come up, like doctor’s visits or medication when you get sick. But what happens if a medical need arises that you don’t want your parents to know about, like an unexpected pregnancy? How can you take the next steps while still maintaining your privacy?

“My Parents Are Strict. I Can’t Tell Them I’m Pregnant.”

Finding out you are pregnant can be a very stressful and scary time. Often women are afraid to tell their parents about an unexpected pregnancy for reasons ranging anywhere from apprehension about their response to concerns about being a disappointment to them. Even though you may want your parent’s support, you may feel that your parents are strict and that you can’t tell them you are pregnant.