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“My Mother Had an Abortion and I Saw What It Did to Her”

Perhaps your mother confided in you about her feelings of grief from a past abortion experience. Maybe you felt confused about how to react to your mother’s confession, and while you’re aware of the emotional affect your mother’s abortion had on her, you’ve recently found yourself contemplating an abortion decision of your own. If the pregnancy is unexpected, maybe you feel an abortion is your best option, but when thinking about how it affected your mother, perhaps you worry about what your own reaction will be.

Talking to Parents about an Unexpected Pregnancy

Talking to your parents about an unexpected pregnancy can understandably feel intimidating. It may be helpful to plan for the conversation ahead of time, as this can help you determine what you’ll say and prepare for your parents’ response. If you’ve ever had to break big news to your parents before, then you’ll have an idea about how daunting it can potentially be. You know your parents best, so you probably have an idea about what their reaction will look like, and planning ahead can help reduce anxiety and facilitate a productive discussion.

How to Talk to your Daughter about her Unexpected Pregnancy

A young woman facing an unexpected pregnancy may feel scared or anxious, and may be in need of support. If this young woman is your daughter, it may be difficult to approach the situation objectively, as your desire to make the choice that seems best for her may compete with your desire to help her feel secure. The way that you respond and engage with her is important. Ineffective communication can have consequences, as your daughter likely needs all of the support you can give her, and you do not want her to close herself off from you. So, how do you talk to your daughter about her unexpected pregnancy in a way that is healthy and beneficial?

“Do My Parents Need to Know About an Abortion?”

Not many teens plan on becoming pregnant. When that one sexual encounter results in an unexpected pregnancy, it can be absolutely terrifying to face at a young age. Your body felt ready for sex, but your life is not ready for a pregnancy. Teens often consider the option of abortion, wondering how they will tell their parents—or if they even have to. Do your parents need to know about an abortion?

“Do My Parents Know Best in a Decision About Abortion?”

Our parents make all kinds of decisions for us as we grow up, usually in our best interests. Where we live, what schools we’ll start off at, who our doctors are, our bedtimes, the kinds of food we eat, etc. Yet, there are many decisions our parents can’t make for us as we get older, even as teenagers. An unexpected pregnancy decision is one of them—especially if you’re considering an abortion. They’ve helped steer your life so far, but do your parents know best in a decision about abortion? How can you move forward and make a good choice for yourself?