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“My Parents Are Strict. I Can’t Tell Them I’m Pregnant.”

Finding out you are pregnant can be a very stressful and scary time. Often women are afraid to tell their parents about an unexpected pregnancy for reasons ranging anywhere from apprehension about their response to concerns about being a disappointment to them. Even though you may want your parent’s support, you may feel that your parents are strict and that you can’t tell them you are pregnant.

Telling Your Parents You’re Pregnant as an Adult

Making a decision about an unplanned pregnancy is challenging enough without the added stress of telling your loved ones—especially your parents. Even as independent adults, we can still be inclined to please our parents with the choices we make. Often times, our parents want to step in as we face tough decisions, offering up opinions that might not reflect our own. When you’re ready to discuss your pregnancy decision with your parents, it can be a difficult balance between making your own best choice and hoping to have their support and praise.

How Will This Pregnancy Impact My Family?

The test is positive. There are so many questions swirling around in your head. How will this pregnancy news affect your family?

“What If I Disappoint My Parents with an Unplanned Pregnancy?”

No matter how old we are, even if we are at a difficult time or in a strained relationship with them, for most people there’s some part of us that still longs to have the approval of our parents. Although there are unfortunate exceptions, parents generally care for and want the best for their children. One life circumstance high on the list of “what if I disappoint my parents?” is an unplanned pregnancy.

“My Parents Don’t Know I’m Having Sex, Much Less Considering Abortion.”

“My parents don’t know I’m having sex, much less considering abortion.” Have you said these words out loud to a trusted friend – or even just to yourself – as you’re reflecting on your current predicament, wondering what to do next? This is a tough situation. Whether your relationship with your parents is good, or not so good, if you are sexually active and your parents aren’t aware of it, and if you’re pregnant (which your question implies), our heart goes out to you.