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“Do My Parents Need to Know About an Abortion?”

Not many teens plan on becoming pregnant. When that one sexual encounter results in an unexpected pregnancy, it can be absolutely terrifying to face at a young age. Your body felt ready for sex, but your life is not ready for a pregnancy. Teens often consider the option of abortion, wondering how they will tell their parents—or if they even have to. Do your parents need to know about an abortion?

Abortion Information for Teens

Our teen years can be filled with a lot of fun times. There are school dances, extracurricular activities, and lots of laughter just hanging out with your favorite friends. But fun is rarely part of the picture for a teenager facing an unexpected pregnancy decision. If you’re strongly considering abortion, you aren’t alone. An abortion can seem like the strongest option for many teens. While some young women are confident it’s best, others might have a hard time deciding. What abortion information might be helpful to know as you make an informed decision? What are the possibilities that come after an abortion?

Abortion Talk is Everywhere but Still Feels Taboo

For women who are in the midst of a pregnancy decision, abortion can often feel like a “taboo” topic. Recently, there has been a lot of talk surrounding abortion as it applies to legislation on both a national and state level. With so much discussion, it would seem like abortion as a personal topic would become less and less taboo to discuss. Why does it still feel like discussing abortion is breaking a social norm?

“I Don’t Want Anyone to Find Out About My Abortion!”

Abortion is a very personal decision. Some women are comfortable speaking up about their experience, but others are more apprehensive. They might not want to share their abortion with others. However, keeping the experience to themselves may not be easy on their emotions or mental state. What help exists for women who don’t want anyone to find out about their abortion?

Hiding an Abortion Decision

Abortion is not the easiest option to discuss with your partner or loved ones. Terminating a pregnancy is a personal decision that many women face. While some women feel confident that abortion is right for them, others struggle with the decision. They might want to hide as they think about having an abortion, keeping their pregnancy decision to themselves. But is keeping an abortion decision to yourself the best approach? What effects can hiding have before you decide on an abortion?