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“When Should I Take a Pregnancy Test?”

If you think you might be unexpectedly pregnant, it can feel like everything in your world is suddenly coming to a screeching halt. You might feel stuck in the waiting period after sex while your mind races with possibilities and “what ifs.” Each moment might be filled with anxiety and worry as you wonder and wait to find out if you’re pregnant. How do you know when it’s the right time to take a pregnancy test? How long after sex should you wait to test yourself?

Staying Silent While Thinking About an Abortion

Silence is not always golden. Sometimes the space of silence can be filled with our most challenging concerns as we let our worries and feelings build up inside. Ever have an issue that caused you so much hurt you couldn’t bear to mention it out loud? Maybe it’s something that scares you to face even in your own mind, something you think others couldn’t possibly understand. What if this something is an unexpected pregnancy and you’re considering an abortion? Do you break your silence and speak up to someone?

Thinking About Abortion After a One-Night Stand

It was just one night. One moment in time you shared with another person. Maybe your partner was a friend, or someone you just met. But just that one time of sexual intercourse can result in a pregnancy, leaving you with an unexpected choice to make. You might be strongly considering an abortion if you find yourself in this situation, left with more questions about your next steps than answers.

The Power of Words When Considering an Abortion

Ever have trouble finding the right words to say? Words have the power to hurt or heal us. Often times, it’s all about personal perception and our current mood or life circumstances. If you find yourself considering abortion with an unexpected pregnancy, there might be a lot of different words and feelings floating around inside you. Just the word “abortion” can trigger strong feelings and become an emotionally-charged topic to even think about. Finding the right words in your inner monologue can be tough as you face this unexpected pregnancy decision. But words matter, and the ones your inner voice uses can empower you and the choice you’re facing.

“I’m Considering Abortion Because I Don’t Feel Connected to This Pregnancy”

As humans, we crave connection with one another. We form different bonds with family, friends, and significant others. Some become strained, drift apart, or break as life carries on. We might become distant with time and experience, pulling away from forming honest and real connections until something major happens to shake us up. What if that something major is an unexpected pregnancy you aren’t feeling connected to? You might feel torn or uncertain of how to handle this pregnancy, and possibly considering abortion because of the disconnection you’re feeling.