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Mental Illness and Deciding About Abortion

Practical issues are frequently considerations when women think about the option of abortion. Some of the most common reasons might include financial hardships, relationship difficulties, or physical health concerns. But there can be a deeper and very personal aspect to consider if you have a mental health issue. Mental health can be just as significant in a decision about abortion as practical or physical reasons.

Uncertain about Abortion

Uncertainty is one of those uncomfortable emotions that almost no one enjoys experiencing. It confuses our thoughts, fills us with doubt, and makes us worry about what’s to come. Uncertainty can be especially troubling if you’re facing a pregnancy decision and unsure about your options. You might be uncertain about abortion, adoption, or parenting, and looking for help as you try to decide.

Thinking About Abortion with a Broken Heart

When a relationship ends, it can feel as though your whole world has been turned upside down. But what about a breakup when you think you might be pregnant or with a recently confirmed pregnancy? It might have been a short dating period, a long-term relationship, or years of marriage. You might not have been thinking about an abortion before, but find yourself considering it as an option. How can you move forward in your decision with a broken heart?

He Keeps Changing His Mind Between Parenting and Abortion

Perhaps you recently found out you are pregnant and your partner seemed supportive. You had conversations about what it might look like to become parents. Then, he drastically changed his mind. He brought up the topic of abortion and keeps wavering between the two options. What can you do when he keeps changing his mind between parenting and abortion?

Digging Deeper Before an Abortion Decision

Things can often seem one way on the surface, but as we dig deeper it can reveal a different story altogether. A relationship may seem fine on the outside, but is painful from the inside. We put on a happy face at work or school, but feel saddened with personal struggles at home. At first glance a situation may appear a certain way, but it might start to look much differently when we look further into it. An unexpected pregnancy can be one of these situations. On the surface it may seem like you only have one option, leading you to consider abortion. What happens when you dig deeper into your thoughts and feelings about abortion?