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Considering the Abortion Pill But I Have Irregular Periods

After considering your unexpected pregnancy options, perhaps you’re hoping to learn more about the abortion pill (RU-486). For some women who lean towards a medical abortion over a surgical one, they typically do so because the procedure sounds less invasive and generally would not require anesthesia. But perhaps you’re wondering whether or not this option is available to you because your menstrual cycle is irregular. The fluctuating nature of your period can make the detection of an unexpected pregnancy a little harder, but before you schedule an abortion, it’s important to find out more information.

“My Partner Wanted a Pregnancy, Now He Wants Me to Abort”

Sometimes, here at Avenue Women’s Center, we will see women who were originally excited about a pregnancy, but due to a change in circumstances, they may now be considering abortion. For some women their partner initially wanted to continue the pregnancy, but then changed his mind, and now wants her to terminate. What happens when suddenly and unexpectedly, you are finding yourself faced with a decision to continue a pregnancy without the support of your partner?

“He Put the Word ‘Abortion’ in My Ear”

When you’ve been in a relationship with someone for a while, you begin to feel like you understand each other really well. You know his likes, dislikes, quirks, and even fears. He knows you too—the things that drive you crazy and the hopes you have for the future. When you recently found out you were pregnant, it wasn’t planned, but it wasn’t the end of the world. You felt like the two of you could figure this out together, and were planning on continuing the pregnancy. When you told him, perhaps he didn’t respond as well as you hoped and suddenly things shifted. What happens when you were thinking about parenting together, but he put the word “abortion” in your ear?

Are There Any Physical Side Effects Following an Abortion Procedure?

Physical side effects following an abortion procedure tend to vary from woman to woman. Before you move forward with an abortion decision, it’s recommended that you take steps to receive relevant information about this unexpected pregnancy option. There are varying types of abortion, depending on gestation age and the type of procedure. Learning more information about the potential physical side effects can help you make an informed decision regarding abortion.

What Is an Induction Abortion Procedure?

For some women, an irregular period or medical condition may have led to a delay in detecting the signs of an unexpected pregnancy. You may be pondering the types of pregnancy options that are available to you, as abortion laws in each state vary depending on the gestational age of a pregnancy. A later abortion may not be legal in your state, with the exception of certain medical situations, and given the advanced stage of your unexpected pregnancy, careful research is advised. Before you proceed with an abortion decision, it may be helpful to learn more about the types of procedures, allowing you to compare the information you’ve gathered about abortion alongside your other pregnancy options.