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Considering Abortion Even Though I Struggled With One in the Past

Imagine you’ve written a profound secret on a scrap of parchment. Now, picture folding the paper into a glass bottle, popping the corkscrew closed with a pop, and then tossing the sealed message into the ocean. This is what it may feel like to hide a piece of your past, watching the bottle bob and drift off into the sea, willing it to just float away. Never to be rediscovered again until centuries later, or preferably, never. But suppose an unforeseen tide carries your glass bottle to shore, an ocean gyre having aided in its travel back to you.

Is the Abortion Pill Available Over-the-Counter?

Once you’ve taken time to process the news of an unexpected pregnancy, you may have begun to think about what your next step should be. The arrival of a circumstance you may not have planned for can inspire distressing emotions, and it’s possible you feel compelled to dispel your anxieties by finding the quickest solution to your unexpected pregnancy. Since a medical abortion sounds less complicated than a surgical one, you may have begun to lean towards this option. As with any form of medication, it’s important to be informed about any possible side effects, and you may have some questions about this abortion method. Perhaps you’re wondering if you can buy the abortion pill over-the-counter, or you may want to know more about what this type of abortion usually entails.

Deciding Between Abortion and Adoption

Perhaps you’ve decided parenting is not the unexpected pregnancy decision you want to move forward with. This leaves you with two choices – adoption and abortion – but despite eliminating one of your options, maybe you’re still feeling uncertain. This is perfectly okay, as now you can focus on the two pregnancy decisions you’re leaning towards, and further reflection and research may help with making a choice.

“I’m a Teenager Deciding Between Abortion and Adoption”

Being a teenager can be a time of great metamorphosis, as it is the only time in your life where you will be both a child and an adult. As changes set in, you find yourself faced with more adult-like decisions as you gradually embrace independence. An unexpected pregnancy can be life changing, and it’s an occurrence that may require you to weigh the pros and cons behind each of your decisions. It’s possible you’ve decided parenting is not right for you yet, but you still have two options left: abortion or adoption. Making a pregnancy-related decision may require careful research, and there are resources available that can assist with finding the right option for you.

“I Feel Indifferent About My Pregnancy”

The news of an unexpected pregnancy hits some women with a jolt of emotions—shock, fear, anger, frustration, confusion and more. For others, they may feel numb or indifferent. If you feel indifferent about your pregnancy, you are not alone. While postpartum depression is often discussed, antenatal depression, which can affect women during pregnancy, may be less familiar. Know that this is not a condition you’ve brought on yourself, nor should you be expected to instantly snap out of it. Recovery takes time, and especially if the pregnancy is unexpected, seeking healthy avenues of support may offer healing.