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Looking for Abortion Alternatives: Avenue Women’s Center Reviews

Do you wonder what people say when they call us? Here are the last five questions we’ve been asked when answering our helpline: “Do you provide abortions at your clinic?” “How much do the different types of abortions cost?” “I just found out I’m pregnant and am looking into my options. What services do you provide?”

How Can I Find a Cheap Abortion Clinic?

Facing an unintended pregnancy with all the decisions that follow is difficult enough. On top of that, there’s the additional challenge that everything comes with a price. If this is not a good time for you to be pregnant, and you are thinking about abortion as a possible solution, the cost of an abortion procedure will probably be part of your consideration.

She Missed Her Period—Now What?

At Avenue Women’s Center, we sometimes hear from men saying “she missed her period,” or “my girlfriend took a pregnancy test and it’s positive.” It’s easy to focus on the woman’s needs, beliefs, concerns, or plans since she is the one who carries the pregnancy, but men have important questions, concerns, and ideas too. Some men are sitting right next to their girlfriends when they make the call. Sometimes the woman is too nervous to make the call, and so we hear from her partner instead.

Nursing at Avenue Women’s Center: Part 5 of 5

We’ve come to the final installment of our series about Carla, our Avenue Women’s Center Nurse Manager….

“No matter the client, I am frequently mindful of past challenges in my own life and how other women have encouraged or supported me in the past; if I can do the same for others and maybe offer a little hope, I count it a privilege.”

Nursing at Avenue Women’s Center: Part 4 of 5

What is important to Carla, our Nurse Manager at Avenue Women’s Center? Here is the next quote from our recent interview with her….