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What is Parental Notification?

What is Parental Notification?

A parental consent law (or parental notification law) is an issue surrounded by media attention. So without all the hype and biased opinions you hear on the news, here’s an honest answer to questions you should ask yourself about these laws before having an abortion.

Can I Get Pregnant If…?

Can I Get Pregnant If…?

Can I get pregnant if…

•we have sex before/after/during my period?
•I’m on birth control?
•we didn’t really have sex, but ...?
•(your question here)

How to Tell My Parents I’m Pregnant: A Different Idea

To talk about what might be best in your unique situation, please call us at 630-455-0300. If you are thinking about telling your parents you’re pregnant – or still deciding what would be the best decision for your pregnancy - we are here to help.

Be Someone…

I saw this quote a few days and was instantly reminded of relationships, boundaries, and codependency. My work as a counselor frequently, if not always, gives me a view into the inner workings of the relationships of my clients. In Dr. John Van Epp’s book, “How To Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk,” he lists four bullet points that seems to directly address how to be emotionally healthy for yourself and how to be in a healthy relationship.

No Rules, Just Right?

​Sex. ​Sex. ​Sex. ​Sex. ​Sex.

Now that I’ve captured your attention, let me tell you a bit more about what this blog entry is all about…