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Nursing at Avenue Women’s Center: Part 5 of 5

We’ve come to the final installment of our series about Carla, our Avenue Women’s Center Nurse Manager….

“No matter the client, I am frequently mindful of past challenges in my own life and how other women have encouraged or supported me in the past; if I can do the same for others and maybe offer a little hope, I count it a privilege.”

Nursing at Avenue Women’s Center: Part 4 of 5

What is important to Carla, our Nurse Manager at Avenue Women’s Center? Here is the next quote from our recent interview with her….

Can I Do An Abortion At Home?

Looking into abortion procedures involves many questions. How earlycan you get an abortion? How much does an abortion cost? How much is the abortion pill? What about abortion risks? When you don’t want to face the cost of abortion or are concerned about others finding out, you may ask, “What about an abortion at home?” A “homemade abortion”?

Nursing at Avenue Women’s Center: Part 3 of 5

Nurse Manager Carla has been serving DuPage women with unexpected pregnancies for over 5 years! She shares some of her experience below:

Nursing at Avenue Women’s Center: Part 2 of 5

We hope you enjoy this second glimpse into the heart of Avenue Women’s Center’s Nurse Manager, Carla….