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Avenue Women’s Center Reviews, May 2019

Happy month of May! Spring has finally arrived and summer is on its way. Springtime is a season of new beginnings and new adventures. It is a season of growth and change; sometimes expected, sometimes unexpected.

We Don’t Agree About Abortion

Opposites can attract, but they can also divide. In a relationship, differences can often be both intriguing and divisive. Sometimes we find our partner’s contrasting thoughts interesting, while other times a difference of opinion might escalate into a disagreement. When the latter happens, it can be difficult to know how to move forward, especially when it comes to an important decision. What if the decision is in regards to an unexpected pregnancy? What do you do if your partner wants an abortion, but you don’t?

“My Parents Are Strict. I Can’t Tell Them I’m Pregnant.”

Finding out you are pregnant can be a very stressful and scary time. Often women are afraid to tell their parents about an unexpected pregnancy for reasons ranging anywhere from apprehension about their response to concerns about being a disappointment to them. Even though you may want your parent’s support, you may feel that your parents are strict and that you can’t tell them you are pregnant.

Facing an Unexpected Pregnancy with Confidence

“I don’t care what other people say or think about me!” Some might exclaim this statement with confidence. Others might find it easier said than done. A moment of reassurance overcomes them, but later they’re met with insight and opinions that shake their confidence. Self-doubt can easily creep its way into our choices, but there are some decisions we need to make with full belief in ourselves. When it comes to an unexpected pregnancy decision, how can you face it with confidence?

Mental Illness and Deciding About Abortion

Practical issues are frequently considerations when women think about the option of abortion. Some of the most common reasons might include financial hardships, relationship difficulties, or physical health concerns. But there can be a deeper and very personal aspect to consider if you have a mental health issue. Mental health can be just as significant in a decision about abortion as practical or physical reasons.