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“Is It Okay to Have Unprotected Sex After Taking the Morning-After Pill?”

Circumstances sometimes arise where you missed a birth control pill or your primary birth control method didn’t work. You may find yourself asking what you should do next, and perhaps you turn to emergency contraceptive methods. Emergency birth control such as the morning-after pill is used to prevent pregnancies after engaging in unprotected sex. But how does the process work? Is it ok to have unprotected sex after taking the morning after pill?

Making a Decision about Your Pregnancy

When faced with an unexpected circumstance, it is normal to feel anxious, as there are moments in our lives where the future seems uncertain. If you find yourself experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, you may feel nervous, and your fears may take on a physical reaction as you begin to feel nauseous or jittery. It may feel as if making a decision is impossible due to your worries, but it is important to remember that there are resources available to help ease your doubts and instill you with the confidence you need to make a choice about your pregnancy.

Hitting a Wall in a Decision About Abortion

While some women are certain abortion is best for them, others have a harder time deciding. There are many aspects to consider, and it can be overwhelming to decide. You might have answers to your immediate questions, but still feel like you’re hitting a wall in a decision about abortion. What else might be helpful to think about as you decide what to do? How can you shift your focus to examine other factors involved and move past the wall in your abortion decision?

Anxiety Medications and Pregnancy

If you are pregnant or concerned you might be and are currently taking prescription anxiety medication, you may have questions about potential side effects. What sort of impact does anxiety medication have on pregnancy? What if I choose to have an abortion, shall I continue taking the medication as prescribed? Here is some information to consider when taking anxiety medications while pregnant.

Why Ultrasounds Matter in a Decision About Abortion

Many factors go into a decision about abortion. With all the aspects to consider, having an ultrasound exam isn’t often something that comes to mind. Yet, an ultrasound can be a vital step to take before making your decision. Find out why ultrasounds matter in a decision about abortion …