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Facing an Unexpected Pregnancy Decision for a Second Time

Contrary to popular belief, an unexpected pregnancy is not an experience that is limited to women who have never been pregnant before. If you have previously made a decision about your pregnancy, then you may have a bit of an advantage, as you may already be aware of your choices. Understandably, there can be a lot of emotions involved with sorting through your feelings about an unexpected pregnancy. Coming to terms with an unforeseen situation can be stressful, but resources are still available to you to assist you in taking the first steps towards making an unexpected pregnancy decision.

Considering Abortion Because Something Is Wrong with the Pregnancy

Maybe you’ve just received devastating news. Even if your pregnancy was unexpected, perhaps you were planning to parent and later learned something went terribly wrong. There are fetal abnormalities or the health of the pregnancy is in danger. Perhaps you feel shocked, scared, and alone. The plans you had have been turned upside down. Maybe even the support you received from your partner or family is in question. Medical advice may tell you that abortion is your best option. Where do you go from here?

Coping with an Unsupportive Partner

Telling your boyfriend or husband about a pregnancy can seem intimidating – especially if this is not a time when either of you were expecting it. You may be worried about how he will react, as the two of you may not have been in a point in your relationship where you discussed the possibility of a pregnancy. While every situation is different, the reaction your partner has to the news may depend on his personal views about unexpected pregnancy and the level of your relationship. Some men may feel the same way as you did upon hearing the news: shocked, confused, and maybe a little scared. But how do you cope with an unsupportive partner who may be hesitant to be a part of your decision?

Two Months Pregnant and Thinking About My Options

The second month of a pregnancy is when many women first learn they’re pregnant, and symptoms such as nausea or fatigue may be a sign that you’re expecting. While nervousness about an unexpected pregnancy may be compelling you to take swift, decisive action to resolve the situation, finding out you are two months pregnant often means you have time. As you begin to contemplate what steps you should take first, you may want to consider what resources are available to you. An unexpected pregnancy can inspire physical and emotional changes, but following a general guide on what to do can allow for practical considerations about each of your pregnancy options.

“I’m a Teenager Deciding Between Abortion and Adoption”

Being a teenager can be a time of great metamorphosis, as it is the only time in your life where you will be both a child and an adult. As changes set in, you find yourself faced with more adult-like decisions as you gradually embrace independence. An unexpected pregnancy can be life changing, and it’s an occurrence that may require you to weigh the pros and cons behind each of your decisions. It’s possible you’ve decided parenting is not right for you yet, but you still have two options left: abortion or adoption. Making a pregnancy-related decision may require careful research, and there are resources available that can assist with finding the right option for you.