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Feeling Numb After a Positive Pregnancy Test

Something we can usually depend on in our lives is the occurrence of change. While change is a part of life, there are times where we may not be able to anticipate when it will happen, nor are we always compelled to embrace it. We may not feel prepared when an unexpected event happens, and our human desire for things to remain the same means we may subtly try to protect ourselves from it. A positive pregnancy test can lead to feelings of numbness, and this can serve as our mind’s way of attempting to safeguard us from our emotions. An unexpected pregnancy often requires stepping outside of yourself to acknowledge this new adjustment to your routine as you begin to make a plan for the future.

“I’m Confused About My Unexpected Pregnancy Symptoms”

You may feel mixed emotions as you begin to take note of some of the changes in your body. As you process these new developments, there may be confusion, fear, stress, and even random periods of excitement interspersed with moments of anxiety. A sudden rush of feelings is normal when faced with an unforeseen change, and your mood may continue to fluctuate. While it’s possible an unexpected pregnancy is the reason for this occurrence, you may have questions about the symptoms you are experiencing and if they are a sign of pregnancy. A number of changes can occur during this time, including breast tenderness, nausea, and fatigue. These are typical during pregnancy, but consulting a healthcare provider or a pregnancy consultant can help you feel more comfortable as you consider your pregnancy options.

“Is It Possible to Have an Abortion If I Contracted a STD?”

Despite popular belief, it is possible to have a sexually transmitted disease or infection during an unexpected pregnancy. There are at least 25 different types of STDs, and while some of them have noticeable symptoms, others do not. If you are considering abortion, but are concerned you may have a STD, there may be a few things you want to consider first. Identifying any health risks, such as a sexually transmitted disease or infection, is important before moving forward with an abortion decision.

“I Can’t Put My Life on Hold for This Pregnancy”

People often find comfort in the familiarity of a routine. The stability of having a plan can make us feel more confident and focused. But sometimes, something big happens that throws us off balance, and causes us to feel anxious or uncertain. This can happen with an unexpected pregnancy, altering your initial plans and bringing about fears of what this sudden change may bring. Will you have to put your life on hold?

“He Put the Word ‘Abortion’ in My Ear”

When you’ve been in a relationship with someone for a while, you begin to feel like you understand each other really well. You know his likes, dislikes, quirks, and even fears. He knows you too—the things that drive you crazy and the hopes you have for the future. When you recently found out you were pregnant, it wasn’t planned, but it wasn’t the end of the world. You felt like the two of you could figure this out together, and were planning on continuing the pregnancy. When you told him, perhaps he didn’t respond as well as you hoped and suddenly things shifted. What happens when you were thinking about parenting together, but he put the word “abortion” in your ear?