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What to Do If Your Pregnancy Is Not Viable

An unexpected positive pregnancy test can send your thoughts racing with possibilities and outcomes. Your emotions might be swirling before you even start to think about the viability of your pregnancy. But as a previous blog discussed, learning the viability of your pregnancy is not just important to your personal health, but also in understanding the options available to you. What do you do if you think your pregnancy might not be viable? How can you know for sure? What are the next steps you can take?

Facing an Unexpected Teen Pregnancy

Finding out you’re unexpectedly pregnant as a teen can feel like the end of your world as you know it. Easy for an outsider to say when they’re not going through it with you, right? But I’ve been where you are, and I made a pregnancy choice based on the same kinds of things you might be feeling right now. I know the roller coaster of emotions you might be on, with fear and panic right at the top of a big drop before plummeting into despair, sadness, and even disappointment. You likely never thought you’d be in this situation, and you might be thinking about having an abortion. Not a lot of teenage dreams include being pregnant. Pregnancy might be in your future self’s dreams, but right now it can feel like a bomb just blew up your life.

Turning to Abortion When There’s Nowhere to Turn

An unexpected pregnancy can be shocking news, jolting you to your very core. For some women, becoming pregnant at this point in life is the last thing they imagined, leaving them to strongly consider an abortion. It might feel like there’s no one who will understand what you’re going through or feeling—not even your partner. Facing a pregnancy decision without support can be an isolating experience, and make you feel like there’s nowhere you can turn for help. But there is …

“I’m Pregnant in a Long-Distance Relationship”

Being in a long-distance relationship brings about its own set of challenges. What happens when you find yourself pregnant and your significant other is far away? How do you navigate the challenges of facing an unexpected pregnancy while being in a long-distance relationship?

Making a Pregnancy Decision While Ending an Abusive Relationship

I was in two abusive relationships many years ago. I know how the cycle of abuse can evolve—when you say to yourself that you’ve had enough and you’re going to leave. Then your partner seems remorseful, apologizes, says it’ll never happen again, he loves you, and showers you with kindness. You think, “This time it’ll be different,” “I can change him,” or “I’ll try harder and it won’t happen again.” But it doesn’t, and you only wind up back into being abused again. It can be difficult to walk away from an abusive relationship—especially if you find out you’re unexpectedly pregnant. You might know the best thing you can do is get away from the abuse, but knowing and doing can be very different things when your heart still feels connected to your partner. How can you face this pregnancy decision AND end an abusive relationship all at once?