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Avenue Women’s Center Reviews, July 2019

Avenue Women’s Center isn’t just about providing services, but providing services with care and compassion. We never want anyone to come through our doors feeling like “just another number,” or feeling that their situation isn’t met with compassion. Here at Avenue Women’s Center, our pregnancy consultants are experts in providing free and confidential services with the utmost care and respect, while maintaining a professional and safe atmosphere. We understand that each woman’s situation is unique and provide services tailored to each individual need.

Considering Abortion:  Piecing Together Your Decision

Life can throw us many puzzling choices. Unlike an actual puzzle, we don’t have a picture on a box to guide us. We can feel lost at times, especially with bigger decisions such as what to do in an unexpected pregnancy situation. You might feel like you’re in the middle of a complicated and mixed up puzzle, with abortion feeling like your best solution. How do you move forward and put the pieces together when considering abortion?

“I’m Scared My Partner Is Pregnant”

Understanding physical or emotional changes in our partners isn’t always easy to do. This can be especially true when it comes to differences in men versus women. Our bodies, minds, and emotions function differently, and we might often misread one another as a result. Men might recognize a change in their partner’s moods or physical symptoms and chalk it up to period hormones. They may also worry about a possible pregnancy, even if they were being careful to prevent it. What can you do if you’re scared your partner is pregnant?

What Are the Odds with the Abortion Pill?

Sometimes the odds work in our favor, but when they don’t it can be crushing news. Even with careful planning, risk can still be right around the corner. We may ask ourselves, “What are the odds of that happening?” when something catches us off-guard. You might be experiencing this right now if you’re unexpectedly pregnant and thinking about taking a medication abortion. What are the odds with the abortion pill? How do you know for sure if it’s the option for you? When things can’t be left up to chance, it’s time to take charge and find out the facts.

Pregnancy Test After Sex in West Chicago

Thinking you might be pregnant after sex can either be a hopeful or stressful experience. Are the symptoms you’re experiencing a pregnancy? There’s really only one way to find out—take a pregnancy test. While a home test might answer your question, a lot of factors can affect the results. Finding help nearby can be an exhaustive and overwhelming search. Where can you find an accurate pregnancy test after sex? Is there support close to you if you live in a DuPage County suburb such as West Chicago?