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Had Negative Test but My Period Hasn’t Come

The day your period was supposed to arrive has come and gone. You’ve taken a pregnancy test (or two or three) and they’ve all read negative. Yet now you are several days to a week or more past that day and your period still hasn’t come. Depending on where you are in life and your feelings about a possible pregnancy, this situation may spark feelings ranging from hopeful joy to anxiety and fear.

“I Feel Indifferent About My Pregnancy”

The news of an unexpected pregnancy hits some women with a jolt of emotions—shock, fear, anger, frustration, confusion and more. For others, they may feel numb or indifferent. If you feel indifferent about your pregnancy, you are not alone. While postpartum depression is often discussed, antenatal depression, which can affect women during pregnancy, may be less familiar. Know that this is not a condition you’ve brought on yourself, nor should you be expected to instantly snap out of it. Recovery takes time, and especially if the pregnancy is unexpected, seeking healthy avenues of support may offer healing.

“I’ve Been Through an Abortion Before, Why Will This Time Be Different?”

After having gone through your first abortion, you might find yourself overwhelmed to be faced with yet another unexpected pregnancy. But you’ve already experienced abortion before, so you know what to expect…right?

Avenue Women’s Center Reviews, December 2019

Following on the heels of autumn, where the sun’s heat begins to dim and the leaves turn orange and red, winter has a tendency to creep up on us. It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again already, where the earth enters a frosty sleep and we find ourselves huddling beside an iridescent fire to warm our frozen bones. The cold winds and sprinkling of icy white flakes upon the hardened ground are often admired best from your window, where you can gaze upon nature’s wintry bed from the comfort of your home. This season is likely to keep you inside, and with so much time spent nestled in the warmth of your house, you may feel inspired to reflect on how much the little things can make you feel safe. Here at Avenue Women’s Center, we devote ourselves to serving women faced with an unexpected pregnancy by providing them with support and care. We aspire to be a compassionate presence in women’s lives, and we are pleased to hear from the women who felt comforted and secure after visiting one of our centers.

Unexpected Pregnancy and Marriage

Being married doesn’t make you immune to experiencing an unexpected pregnancy. For some married couples, there may be a sense of shock or frustration at the news of a positive test result. It’s normal to feel scared or frustrated, as there may be a lot of confusing emotions. Deciding how to move forward with an unexpected pregnancy can seem overwhelming, but there are steps that can be taken that may ease some of your stress.