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Avenue Women’s Center Blog

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Coping With the Changes an Unexpected Pregnancy Brings

The way we handle change often depends on how much a sudden transition alters our routine. While change is a part of life, sometimes it arrives when we’re not prepared for it. We usually cannot predict when these life-altering transformations occur, and an unexpected pregnancy can feel like a seismic shift. Navigating through this transition and maintaining a positive approach does not have to be done alone. Adjustment to new circumstances usually takes time, but having a supportive resource at your side can abate feelings of powerlessness.

The Coronavirus and Your Unexpected Pregnancy

Anxiety often emerges when we’re faced with a new circumstance, and with the recent development of the coronavirus (COVID-19), you may be worried about how likely you are to contract it if you’re pregnant. It’s normal to be nervous when it seems like you have more questions than answers. You may still be in the middle of contemplating your options, and managing your worries can seem difficult when parts of the future seem uncertain. It’s recommended that you stay calm and try to process new information as it comes. But with so many questions, you may be wondering where it is you can go for support?

Learning About an Unexpected Pregnancy after a Sexual Assault

For women who are able to talk about a past sexual assault or rape, they may describe their experiences as the worst thing that has ever happened to them, forever altering their lives. Facing an unexpected pregnancy as a result of the sexual assault can make it even more difficult to make a pregnancy decision. How do you navigate an unexpected pregnancy after a sexual assault? What resources exist to provide caring support and helpful services?

Avenue Women’s Center Services and the Coronavirus

We’re still learning about the effects of coronavirus (COVID-19), and reports about a sudden illness can understandably cause anxieties to surface. If you’ve recently learned about a possible pregnancy, you may be concerned about how COVID-19 can affect your health, and what your risk level is for contracting the disease. The stress of the situation may have you experiencing nervous emotions, and if you’re worried about your pregnancy in the midst of COVID-19, then you may want to seek out assistance so you may be provided with additional support during this time.

Is an Independent Adoption an Option?

Contemplating your unexpected pregnancy options can be a difficult process, but perhaps a friend or family member has offered to help by adopting your child. This arrangement is typically known as an independent adoption, where you and the prospective adoptive parents are known to each other. While this form of adoption may include a few unique benefits, such as not having to go through the process of reviewing and selecting adoptive parents, there’s still a few things to consider. Adoption, while a potentially rewarding choice, is still an unexpected pregnancy option, which means there may still be questions to ask yourself before you commit yourself to it.