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“What Does My Personality Type Say About an Unexpected Pregnancy?”

How does an unexpected pregnancy fit into your personality type? Regardless of how you score on personality profiles, an unplanned pregnancy can throw anyone for a loop. What next steps do you take in order to positively adapt?

Abortion Information Part 2: Facts Are Important to Your Decision

When you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering abortion, searching for information can be overwhelming. However, it’s important to learn the facts as you decide your next steps. Part 1 of this blog series explained some initial facts about abortion types and time frames. This second part examines more insightful facts about abortion to help you better understand as you make your best pregnancy decision.

Abortion Information Part 1: Facts Are Important to Your Decision

“This is not happening!” When a pregnancy test is unexpectedly positive, it can bring on feelings of disbelief, shock, and even panic. Maybe you didn’t think you could get pregnant, or you were careful to use condoms or other contraceptives. A pregnancy can happen even with preventative measures, and possibly at the worst time in your life. When you feel like an abortion is your only option, taking the first step and seeking information can be extremely difficult. You likely have a lot of questions, but perhaps you aren’t ready to begin asking about them out loud. Part 1 of this two-part blog series offers a couple important facts about abortion with helpful information as you decide what to do next. Stay tuned for more information in Part 2.

“How Long After Taking the Morning-After Pill Should I Get My Period?”

Emergencies grant little time for patience as a fight-or-flight response kicks in. We’re either running for the hills to flee from the issue or fighting to find a solution for it. Either way, we are compelled to take action—especially if you’re a woman who thinks she might be at risk of becoming pregnant. Even with active measures of protection, you could find yourself facing the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy. The unexpected can happen with certain situations such as missed birth control pills, a condom breaking or slipping off, unprotected sex, or sexual assault without protection. Maybe the “fight” response kicked in and you sought out emergency contraception methods. Now what? Just wait and see what happens next? Waiting can feel like an impossibility during an emergency situation, but there are times when playing the waiting game is exactly what’s needed.

“Considering Abortion Because of Where I Am in Life”

Here at Avenue Women’s Center we meet with women on a regular basis who are considering abortion due to their life circumstances. Perhaps they feel too old or too young to have a child. Maybe their partner is not interested or willing to be involved. Their finances may be unstable or they are in the process of fulfilling plans for their future. Whatever the reason, they are pursuing abortion because of where they are in life.