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Reaching the End of a Pregnancy Decision

Sometimes we look back and think to ourselves, “How did I get here?” This questioning shock might be washing over you if you recently learned you’re unexpectedly pregnant. When we’re in the middle of a difficult decision, it’s often hard to see the end clearly. Each option in our choice can feel like a challenge to consider. How do you move forward and reach the end of a pregnancy decision with confidence?

“My Heart and Mind Don’t Agree About Abortion”

It can feel like an inner battle is raging when your feelings lead you one way, but your thoughts another. Do you follow your heart or your mind? Is there some answer that meets both sides in the middle? What if this is how you feel as you consider having an abortion? How can you move forward when your heart and mind don’t agree about abortion?

Believing in Yourself During a Pregnancy Decision

It can be difficult to believe in ourselves when things get challenging. We all reach a point of self-doubt and find ourselves exclaiming, “I can’t do this!” But the situation passes and we do. We survive, we overcome, and we move forward. Many women experience discouraging feelings when facing an unexpected pregnancy. What encouragement can you find to take the next steps in your pregnancy decision?

Tunnel Vision in a Decision About Abortion

Abortion is often a consideration in an unexpected pregnancy decision. For some women it can seem like the only option they have, whether it feels best or not. When it seems like everything is pointing to one option, how do expand your view and see the bigger picture? What can you do if you’re having tunnel vision in a decision about abortion? How you find out everything you need to know to make an informed decision that’s right for you?

Words Wrapped Around an Unexpected Pregnancy

If you’re experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, you might have a lot of words running through your mind. Surprised, worried, panicked, stressed, scared, and uncertain might just be some of them. What are the rest of your words wrapped around your unexpected pregnancy? How are these words impacting your next steps? What if there were words that could help you move forward in a pregnancy decision that feels best for you?