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Avenue Women’s Center Blog

Real people writing about real problems.

Pink Fluffy Slippers:  Blindsided by the Issue at Hand

Have you ever been so focused on one problem that you ignore everything else that is going on around you? Often we can find ourselves blindsided by an issue. This can be true about unplanned pregnancy. Focusing on the possibility or reality of an unintended pregnancy can easily consume all of our attention.

What to Do When You’re Not Sure Who the Baby’s Father Is

“What do you do when you’re not sure who the baby’s father is?” This is a tough question! If it’s one you are asking, it’s possible it’s yet a further complication of a situation already problematic in itself—unplanned pregnancy. Unintended pregnancy alone is enough to shake your universe. To add uncertainty about who the father is can make it an even greater dilemma.

PregnantHelp is Becoming Avenue Women’s Center!

Everything changes…and while not all change is good, we’re pretty excited about this one! CareNet DuPage/PregnantHelp is changing our name to Avenue Women’s Center!

“I’ve Never Missed a Period Before!”

“I’ve never missed a period before!” If this has been true for you, and if for the first time ever you’re late or have missed a period, we understand what a scary time it may be for you.

“My Doctor Told Me I’ll Never Be Able to Get Pregnant”

Has your doctor told you that you may never be able to get pregnant or conceiving might be difficult? As a client advocate for over 8 years, I have seen many women who have experienced this, yet were still concerned they might be pregnant. If this is you, read on for more information and helpful tips.