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Avenue Women’s Center Blog

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Waiting to Decide After a Positive Test

“I just had a positive pregnancy test. How long should I wait to finalize my decision?” It can be very tempting to switch into action mode following a positive test result. What are the benefits of creating space between the positive test and the final decision? Read today’s blog to find out more.

Emotional Healing After Abortion

Abortion can be a difficult choice for anyone experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Many focus on the physical aspects of the procedure, such as recovery time and understanding how their body might feel afterwards. But what about the emotional side effects that some women (and men) experience? You might feel a wide range of feelings, and addressing your emotional healing after an abortion is just as important as your physical recovery. Everyone responds in different ways, and you are entitled to any and all emotions flowing through you.

Listening Well

Listening well is a skill that doesn’t always come naturally. However, it’s a skill that can be developed with the right tools. The ability to listen is a major component of most successful relationships and plays a role with significant others, friends, and family alike. Read today’s blog for more info on listening skills.

Not Physically Ready to Have a Baby

Perhaps it’s due to complications from a previous pregnancy. Perhaps it’s recovery from a recent surgery. Maybe you are facing serious health issues. For whatever reason, you don’t feel physically ready to have a baby. If you are reading this blog, that means you may be pregnant or concerned that pregnancy is a possibility…so what do you do?

Pregnant by My Best Friend

Our blog doesn’t shy away from discussing complicated pregnancy-related issues. Today’s topic fits into that category. What happens when you find out you are pregnant by your best friend? You never intended this to happen. You may have never even intended to sleep together. How do you navigate this tricky situation?