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Uncertain about Abortion

Uncertainty is one of those uncomfortable emotions that almost no one enjoys experiencing. It confuses our thoughts, fills us with doubt, and makes us worry about what’s to come. Uncertainty can be especially troubling if you’re facing a pregnancy decision and unsure about your options. You might be uncertain about abortion, adoption, or parenting, and looking for help as you try to decide.

Friend or Foe? Emotions and a Pregnancy Decision

The tears rolled down my face. I thought she was my friend. How could she say those lies about me? Many of us have unfortunately experienced something similar. We begin questioning who else might be a potential foe, and who is a true friend. When emotions run high in a situation, how do we know if we can trust them? What if the situation is an unexpected pregnancy, with emotions running in all different directions? Which direction do you follow forward in your decision?

Seeking Help When Facing a Pregnancy Decision

Decisions, decisions, decisions … life is full of them. Some are easy to make—“yes, I’d like that cookie,” or “no, I’ll take some fruit instead.” Others are more challenging and not so simple to decide upon. Whether we’re facing an easy or difficult choice, we all have our own ways of making decisions. And how we approach a simple decision can be vastly different from a more serious one. What gets you through a tough decision? And what if the decision is how to handle an unexpected pregnancy? Are you seeking help to face a pregnancy decision?

Thinking About Abortion with a Broken Heart

When a relationship ends, it can feel as though your whole world has been turned upside down. But what about a breakup when you think you might be pregnant or with a recently confirmed pregnancy? It might have been a short dating period, a long-term relationship, or years of marriage. You might not have been thinking about an abortion before, but find yourself considering it as an option. How can you move forward in your decision with a broken heart?

An Ultrasound Changed How I Felt About My Pregnancy

So many factors go into a pregnancy decision, and uncertainty is common when it’s an unexpected surprise. You could be unsure about handling a pregnancy right now, and weighing your options of parenting, adoption, or abortion. You might not feel connected to your pregnancy, with the shocking news still sinking in as a reality. Many women feel uncertain about their options with unexpected pregnancy news. An ultrasound can reveal more information about your pregnancy, and may even help you move forward in your decision.