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Avenue Women’s Center Reviews, October 2018

Here at Avenue Women’s Center, we pride ourselves in the caring and compassionate team that serves the women in the community on a daily basis. Whether it’s stopping in one of our locations to take a pregnancy test, or talking with a client advocate about next steps for a pregnancy you are currently in, our knowledgeable and encouraging staff are here to help!

“I Need Abortion Help but I Don’t Know Where to Turn”

Everyone needs help at some point in their life. We all experience different hardships, and sometimes we need a helping hand to support us through tough struggles. Yet, having the courage to reach out for help can be daunting, especially with an unintended pregnancy. Whether you’re considering an abortion or you’ve already had an abortion, asking for help can seem impossible if you feel shame and fear judgment. But there is no shame in reaching out for help—even when that’s exactly how you feel.

Abortion Pill in Glen Ellyn: What Are the Next Steps?

Looking for the abortion pill in the Glen Ellyn area? Maybe you’ve found yourself in a situation you never imagined you’d be in…facing an unexpected pregnancy. Finding out your pregnancy can be scary and overwhelming. Many women looking into the abortion pill are looking for a solution FAST and believe that the abortion pill can offer a quick solution to a situation that causes immense stress and anxiety.

What Are My Pregnancy and Abortion Options?

Unexpected pregnancy. We hear or read those words and think, “Not me. Maybe my neighbor or that friend at school, but that will never be me.” Realistically though, unexpected pregnancies are much more common than you might think. Unexpected pregnancies account for over 2 million pregnancies in the United States every year. Studies show that close to half of all pregnancies each year were “unintended.”

Talking to Friends About Abortion

Friends can feel like a second family in life. You share tears, laughter, and life’s triumphs and challenges together. But when you suddenly find out you’re pregnant and leaning heavily towards abortion, a talk with anyone—let alone you’re a trusted friend—can feel like an impossibility. You might have conflicting feelings of wanting their comforting support while also fearing their judgment. It can be difficult to know how to even begin the conversation.