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Avenue Women’s Center Blog

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Understanding Your Options with Free Pregnancy Consultations

With an unexpected pregnancy comes an equally unexpected decision to make. Do you continue the pregnancy and choose to parent or adopt? Do you end the pregnancy with an abortion? Your feelings and life circumstances might be leading you towards one option over others. It might be difficult to sift through the mixture of emotions and learn the facts and details about your options. A free pregnancy consultation can help you understand what you need to know.

Considering an Abortion with Shocking Pregnancy News

“Am I really pregnant right now?!” An unexpected pregnancy is often a surprising experience. Some might be ecstatic by the news. Others could feel a wave of emotions, with shock overcoming them. It might be difficult to process the idea of being pregnant at this point in life, leaving you concerned about your next steps. How can you move past the initial shock and make your best pregnancy decision? And what if your feelings of shock are leading you to consider an abortion?

Periods and Pregnancy: How Far Along Am I?

Your menstruation cycle might not be something you think about daily. Once it’s out of sight, it might be out of mind, too. Until something doesn’t feel quite right. The length of your cycle shifts, the frequency or flow changes, or you aren’t sure if a light period or spotting really was an actual period. What if you can’t remember when you got it last? Could you be pregnant?

Free Walk-in Clinic

Are you looking to take a medical-grade pregnancy test or to learn more about your pregnancy options TODAY? If you think you might be pregnant and you’re eager to find out, waiting might be the last thing you want to do. Timing is everything if you’re feeling the pressure to decide about an unexpected pregnancy. How can you find out for sure and where can you turn for more information?

“I Feel Like I Should Have an Abortion”

“Trust in your feelings” is an adage that so many of us follow. With the amount of influential information and opinions flowing around us at all times, we often turn inward to let our feelings guide us. This can be especially true with important decisions. We listen to what our hearts tell us and the emotions we have within leaning towards one option over others. If you came across this blog, you might be facing an unexpected pregnancy decision and strongly feeling like you should have an abortion. Whatever your reasons, you might be wondering if you can trust in your feelings about having an abortion.