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Staying Healthy During an Unexpected Pregnancy

You may not have anticipated being pregnant at this stage of your life, but staying healthy during an unexpected pregnancy is still a priority. Even if you’re within the early stages of pregnancy and contemplating abortion, your physical and mental condition is important. Regardless of what decision you make for your unexpected pregnancy, it’s important to stay healthy.

I’m Worried My Partner and I Are Not Ready for an Unexpected Pregnancy

An unexpected pregnancy can be challenging for couples. Regardless of how long you may have been together, there is still the presence of change within your relationship. Accepting a circumstance that may not have been part of your immediate plan can be tough, as even couples who have been together for years are stunned after receiving unexpected pregnancy news. You may feel unprepared, and it’s likely you have a lot of questions about what this could mean for you and your partner. Since each relationship is different, the way couples respond to an unexpected pregnancy varies. Having a clear understanding on how to communicate with each other based on the relationship you and your partner have can assist with the creation of a pregnancy plan you both feel comfortable with.

Thinking About Abortion as an Unexpected Pregnancy Option

The stress of an unexpected pregnancy may have left you feeling as if abortion is your only viable option. As with any unexpected pregnancy decision, it can be helpful to freely discuss your emotions and allow yourself time to think. Maybe you’re being pressured by someone else to abort, or your anxiety about finding a quick solution to your pregnancy is contributing to your decision. Before visiting an abortion clinic, there are a few steps to consider taking to not only ensure you feel confident in your choice, but to also make sure your health and safety have been prioritized throughout the decision-making process.

Dating Your Unexpected Pregnancy

While it’s advisable to confirm your pregnancy suspicions with a medical professional, you may have already begun to notice some physical symptoms. Between the fourth and seventh weeks of pregnancy is when most women realize they may be pregnant, as they begin to experience symptoms such as morning sickness, or perhaps a missed period. You may be uncertain about how you want to proceed, and dating your unexpected pregnancy can be relevant to your decision. Depending on how far along you are may affect your choices of abortion, adoption, and parenting. There are several ways to calculate pregnancy age, and this important step can provide you with pertinent information.

Facing an Unexpected Pregnancy as a Teenager

Adolescence is usually a time where we begin to step into adulthood, straddling the line between girl and woman, with the latter becoming more prominent as our girlhood is shed through the gradual progression of our maturity. While you may have anticipated the budding responsibilities that come with growing into an adult, discovering you’re unexpectedly pregnant might not have been a circumstance you imagined finding yourself in during your teenage years. You may feel a loss of control, as unexpected pregnancies can lead to a mix of complicated emotions such as fear, stress, and confusion about what you should do next. No matter where you are in your unexpected pregnancy, it’s advisable to begin crafting a pregnancy plan that can address your needs and help lead you towards a pregnancy decision that will work best for you.