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Unexpectedly Pregnant in a New Relationship

A new relationship is an exciting time. Sparks fly and hearts thump as you get to know each other. Suddenly, your heart starts pounding for another reason when you miss your period. Could you be unexpectedly pregnant in a new relationship? How do you tell your partner? What does a pregnancy decision mean for your future together?

Feeling Guilty About Abortion

Most of us have experienced that gnawing, nagging emotion called guilt. And it often doesn’t come alone—it brings things like remorse, sorrow, and shame. You can feel guilty about something you’ve done, and even about something you’re only thinking about doing. What if you’re feeling guilty for considering an abortion in an unexpected pregnancy situation? Or if you’ve already had an abortion and guilt has a stronghold on you afterwards?

Unexpectedly Pregnant and Fearing Disappointment

“I’m not mad, I’m disappointed.” These infamous words are uttered by our loved ones when we’ve messed up somehow—big time. We let them down, and their disappointment can cause both them and us to feel hurt, sad, and frustrated. There’s often ways to overcome disappointment, but it can be more challenging to move past in some cases. What if you’re unexpectedly pregnant and fearing disappointment from your parents, loved ones, or your partner? How do you share your pregnancy news and handle possible disappointment from your loved ones—or even yourself?

Patience and Pregnancy Decisions

We all have those moments when we lose our patience. Often times, it’s while we’re waiting for something. We get easily irritated, we sigh deeply, say things under our breath, or become snippy and short with others. Impatience comes out differently in each of us, even in similar situations. But when you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy, it’s no time to become impatient with your decision. How do find patience as you make your pregnancy decision?

Looking Back and Forward in an Abortion Decision

Abortion can be a tough decision at any point in a woman’s life. An unexpected pregnancy can challenge your goals for the future as you look forward. It can also have you looking back as you wonder if an abortion is going to be the right decision for you. Are you looking back and forward with an abortion decision? How can you weigh your abortion options and alternatives to make your best decision?