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Weeks of Pregnancy: Why Knowing is Important

How many weeks are you into your pregnancy? It is helpful information to know, regardless of the pregnancy options you may be considering. Information such as what types of abortion you qualify for and when to schedule prenatal care are determined by your gestation age. Find out why it’s important to determine how far along you are, and how it impacts each pregnancy option.

Exposure to STDs and Abortion

Many concerns can come to mind when deciding about abortion. Some women wonder about the overall physical side effects involved, while others might have a more specific health concern. They may worry about how a sexually transmitted disease (STD) could impact a decision about abortion. Why is it important to know if you have an STD before deciding about an abortion? What risks are involved when it comes to STD exposure and abortion?

“He Had No Response to My Pregnancy News”

Finding out you’re pregnant can be a difficult experience when it’s not something you expected. What happens when you tell your partner the news and there is a lackluster response? Perhaps he didn’t even respond at all. This can leave you feeling confused and isolated. What can you do if he had no response to your pregnancy news?

The Honest Truth About Your Pregnancy Options

In some situations we think it’s okay to tell a little white lie, stretch the truth, or omit certain details. We convince ourselves it’s for the best, and that it’s not hurting anyone or anything. But hiding the truth can have unintended effects, especially in an unexpected pregnancy situation. You may have feelings about parenting, adoption, or abortion that you aren’t sharing with anyone. There might be information you don’t know yet that could impact your decision. How can you reveal the honest truth about your pregnancy options?

Everything You Want to Know About Abortion

You likely have a multitude of questions if you’re considering abortion. You may wonder about medical aspects, along with general and personal details involved. Some concerns might feel too risky to ask if you fear judgment, or you may have specific questions you don’t think a search engine can answer. How do you find out everything you personally want to know about abortion?