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“Can I Get Pregnant from a Missed Pill?”

Oh no … You open up your birth control pill package and realize you missed a dose. Your insides wretch in fear as stomach turns with worry. “How could I forget?!” you ask yourself. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to miss a step or two in the routines of your morning wake-ups or evening wind-downs. What do you do now? And could you be pregnant from a missed pill?

“Should I Abort My Pregnancy?”

There’s a million “shoulds” that some women feel after finding out they are pregnant unexpectedly. If I’m pregnant, I should be happy. To have a baby, I should be in a stable, long-term relationship. Pregnancy should come at a time my life when I have everything figured out financially. But what do you do if your emotions, relationship, and finances aren’t matching up with all the “shoulds” associated with pregnancy? What if you’re feeling like the only path you “should” follow is aborting this pregnancy?

Avenue Women’s Center Reviews, November 2018

November is the month of Thanksgiving. With that being said, we would like to take this time and say how thankful we are for all of the amazing and wonderful women we get to serve on a daily basis! Whether it’s for a pregnancy test, a pregnancy consultation or maybe just to get some community referrals, Avenue Women’s Center is so thankful for every woman that walks through our doors or calls our helpline.

Being Honest with Your Doctor about Your Sex Life

Do you cringe at just the thought of going to the gynecologist? Seeing a doctor can be stressful experience for many women—especially if you think you might be pregnant or suspect that you might have a sexual health issue. Anxiety, embarrassment, and even feelings of shame can prevent women from seeking the health care they need. Many women resist talking about their concerns openly with their doctors fearing judgment or imagining the worst possible outcome.

“Does the Abortion Pill Hurt?”

“Will it hurt?” If you find yourself considering the abortion pill, pain is likely one of the many concerns you might have. The answer isn’t quite a simple yes, it will, or no, it won’t. Every woman’s body responds to the abortion pill differently, and no one can predict exactly how you’re going to feel after taking the doses. But there are some common side effects of the abortion pill that you could possibly experience, and it’s important to learn how it could potentially affect you after taking it.